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WOIN Programming (exploit)


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The Experiment career has the exploit Programming.

1/ Can the Initiative bonus from this exploit be used to modify a character's Initiative while on a starship. (i.e. Intuition +Starship Tactics +Programming).

The reason I ask is because a starship Pilot with this exploit will have a massive benefit as initiative in space combat has larger ramifications.

2/ Additionally, would the "Ship Rat" exploit also add to Initiative in the above example?

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1. I would say yes, because its still a combat encounter.

2. As long the exploit doesn't have a sentence like "this exploit can't be used with other exploits which also grant a bonus on Initative" (some exploits which grant a bonus on a defense have this sentence in it, to avoid crazy high defenses), the bonuses of both exploits are stacking.


Well, that was fun
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The intention was for ground initiative only. I’ll make that clearer if we ever do a v1.3. You’re right that it’s too powerful for starship combat where initiative is rolled every round.

Ship Rat would apply to starship initiative though, yes.

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