ZEITGEIST Project Eternal Life (Spoilers for book 7)

So at the end of my last session the players worked out how to set up an immortality business.
They think and I think it should work that they can get Duplicants made and then transfer a persons soul into the duplicant using the evil liches spell, That way the body will take on the characteristics of the person whose soul is transferred and give them an immortal armoured chassis to live in, they figure that if they can get mass production of Duplicants up and running they can do this for lots of people , I haven't decided yet if they can get this done on a large scale but I can't see any major issues


We grappled with this tomfoolery in our own game, though we did not even need to involve duplicants; Mortal Possession alone would be sufficient, by transferring people's minds into younger and/or long-lived bodies.

In our own game, we pushed this issue into "background research" and revisited it every so often. We ultimately moved past Mortal Possession when we developed a transhumanist system for safely storing a mind and soul inside witchoil and then hooking up that droplet of witchoil to hiveminds and duplicants.
The idea of transferring souls to other living people was considered and discarded. It's a moral death spiral you start with convicted criminals but most people want to live forever so the catagory of crime gets downgraded and soon its death sentence for litterring (cf Larry Nivens Known world stories)


Well, now you only have to have to obtain a service of 15th level spellcaster, craft a high-quality dublicant body and pay 2500 gp to said spellcaster (4e prices and levels). Congratulations, you've just invented immortality for the richest. Alternatively, in the near future streets are flooded with crowds of cheap golems, who are desperately trying to save enough money to escape their failing mechanical bodies. Dystopian cyberpunk D&D, here we go.
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Pathfinder you need a 9th level witch or wizard , so thats much more manageable. Or one of the various 'specialist' spellcasters in the AP who crop up to perform useful magical roles like building bridges but have not got enough generalist magical power to stack up to a wizard. The big imponderable is the cost of a good Duplicant given the number Pemberton had or was planning on building they can't be too expensive and Ber may have captured his factory.
If you want it, sure.

If you don't, then duplicants are only functional with the blessing of Gradiax the Steel Lord, who is empowered by the loyalty of his gnoll worshipers. Anyone else who tries to use one will find it degrading rapidly, and within a few weeks turning into an inert husk of metal. The function of duplicants is a realization of the dogma that Gradiax ingrained in his followers.