Proposal: deal with recent nerfs

The new update from WotC was just released, and it nerfs a bunch of powers and class features, including Righteous Rage of Tempus. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but the precise contents aren't the point of this proposal:

By the charter as written, all the errata is automatically incorporated immediately. That means that, as of RIGHT NOW, a bunch of powers have just been nerfed. I think the affected players could use some warning... I don't know how many are affected, but I do know at least one of our new avengers has the Righteous Rage of Tempus feat.

The new update says that RPGA players have until August 4 to update their character sheets. I think that's a pretty convenient ruling to follow. So I propose:

Existing characters who are affected by the July 2 update can use the original versions of the affected powers and class features until August 4. They may retrain these powers and class features at any time before them. (If they are involved in an adventure, the DM will decide whether the retraining takes effect immediately or at the end of the adventure). On August 4 any affected feat or class feature which hasn't been retrained will automatically be updated to match the July 2 update.

Lord Sessadore

I think that's a very reasonable grace period. I'm not sure if any of the changed features other than Righteous Rage of Tempus are actually in use by any characters currently, especially since we banned battlerage vigor. But, even if it's only Blade affected, I think it's good to do this, and to put this precedent in place in case something like this happens again in the future.

FWIW, I like the new RRoT much better - still powerful, but not so blatantly powerful that you feel dumb for not taking it.


I think this is a very reasonable approach.

And, yeah, I think you have a point, too, Darwin. If something we banned because it was too powerful gets nerfed, I think it is appropriate to have that item be resubmitted for L4W approval.


Wait, wait, wait.

Who was it that suggested that folks stop nerfing stuff, because WOTC would handle it in due time?

I think it was...



Yeah, baby.

So, in the spirit of grace and propriety, I'd just like to tell everyone that disagreed with me: Kiss my hairy butt. :eek:

Thank you. You may return to originally scheduled discussion. :lol:


I feel like Wizards may have been waiting just for you Ken, so that you could sit joyously at the head table and feast on righteous "I Told You So" Pie.
LOL I thought that was how rain of blows worked from the start, so I see that as more of a clarification than errata.

All in all not a whole lot of changes. 3 powers, 3 feats and a class feature.
Could I get a link to the updates?
EDIT: Nvm, found it. Won't be able to view it until I get home, though.
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