Proposal: Include Spreadsheets as an alternative to Wiki Sheets


Many people have expressed difficulty with the wiki.

This proposal is to give users the option of creating a character page with an approved spreadsheet.

The proposed sheet can be found here.

In order to keep consistency user would still have to have a page on the wiki, to at house a link to their spreadsheet character.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Oh, yeah, I was supposed to vote on this.

Right now, I'm more interested to see how weldon's work on SemanticForms works out. That way, everything can be still be on the wiki. Having to switch between GDocs/the Wiki when (1) New GDocs has issue on my Mac and (2) I have to switch between work GMail and play GMail accounts is a bit annoying.

Edit: I'm not saying No outright, I just want to see this other option first.