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[Proposal] MOAR JUDGES!!!

Son of Meepo

First Post
So it appears at this point we are having issues getting judges for games. I think it might be time to recruit some more.

Proposal 1: Offer Judge positions to Senior Character Reviewers.

Justification: These people have offered to step up and help the community once before, maybe it is time to see if they are willing to step up one more rung on the ladder.

Proposal 2: Offer Judge positions to anyone with 24 DM credits.

Justification: These people have also stepped up to help the community by running games.

Proposal 3: Offer Judge positions to anyone with a paragon level PC.

Justification: Those people have shown a commitment to the campaign and may be ready for a leadership role in it.

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First Post
I agree that we need more judges.

Does anyone that is in one or more of the three categories above want to volunteer? (volunteering does not necessarily mean you will become a judge).

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