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Proposal: Multi DMs during an adventure


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Reason for the proposal:
Not very many DMs around these days and many characters in
the range of lvl 7 to 11 with some soon to be in the 12-14 range.

I'd like to create an adventure with one of my characters in it. There
are other seasoned DMs with characters in the tavern waiting for work
(I'm thinking of VV in particular). I provide the hook for the adventure
and then do beginning encounter (with my character not included) Then
someone else in the group takes over as DM for the second encounter (with
their character not included). A third encounter with a third DM and so forth.
Maybe each person who is the DM has to include a skill challenge as well
(their characters are included in skill challenges).

1.Each person who decides to partake in this adventure has to be
a DM for at least one encounter. There characters are not allowed to
partake in the adventure.

2. When a new DM takes over, he or she can take the adventure
in any direction he or she wants. However, it has to tie in to
the end result some how. (example: a staff needs to be constructed
in order to open a portal. The first DM creates the encounter where
the shaft is obtained. The second DM creates the second encounter
where the head piece of the staff is obtained.)

3. All time and skill challenge/monster xp and time gold is calculated
and distributed after each DM finishes their part. Treasure in the form
of magic items is not distributed until the final encounter in which a
dm is elected by the group to finish the adventure by creating the boss
mob which everyone can participate.

4. DM credits are awarded due to time spent during his or her part
as being the DM (all though this is not really going to be an issue I think
because most of the people who would earn DM credit for this adventure
probably already have 5000 other DM credits :) )

Why do this?
1. To get some of the people with high level characters who are currently
sitting at the tavern a chance to get out there and adventure.

2. To have people who have already been a dm a chance to do another
adventure, but not have to devote all of the time that is needed to run
one. This way DMs get a break knowing that there time commitment is
a short time.

Any thoughts on the idea?

I would be willing to dm the first encounter and the character I'd
take along is Kruk (Guardian Fighter lvl 11) or Max (Bravura Warlord lvl 11)

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It strikes me that you don't need a proposal to do something of the sort (and as the judges are MIA, it's kind of pointless to make one). You just have a series of mini-adventures of one encounter each, and the participants take turns running them, using the same group of characters minus the current DM's character, until everybody has run one. Plenty of DMs have run single encounters.


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But as Mewness said, I don't think you need a proposal as long as you are not DMing the adventure with your character actively participating in it. e.g. Sharpe tags along to annoy the party, but conveniently sees a dragon and wanders off before the skill challenge/encounter/treasure/anything meaningful can happen.


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Sounds like a good idea :).

The only drawback I see that it can hard to have one overall storyline since dm's have different approaches to how to run a game and what they want to focus on in the story, but this can also be a good thing since it creates more variation.

Perhaps the DM that starts the game creates a overall theme and also does the end game, so the story ends with what he had intended. Perhaps sending each dm that is about to take over some suggestions about character’s, locations and stuff like that but still given them the freedom to create what they want within that scope.
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