Proposal: The Gauntlet

Looking back at all of the Proposal: Arena posts, I noticed something...Every one was about pvp.

My proposal is something that I have used in my campaign setting for going on nearly 10 years now, and every group that has tried this diversion has loved it. I simply called it the gauntlet. It is a solo or co-op multi-match event, with 3 skill levels (Squire, Knight, and Lord). You pay to get in, and you leave when you want in between matches. Earlier matches are easier than later ones, and you get some sort of currency that can be exchanged for some other commodity. It can be lethal or not, that is up to whoever thinks this can be implemented, if implemented at all. I feel as though this will give people something to do outside of adventures that fits many character personalities, allows for exploration of mechanics in a way that can be made flavorful, and can forge lasting bonds between players that otherwise may not have adventured together.

What do you think?


I think the general idea isn't bad, but the logistics of always having it available for folks is, I believe, where these 'always available encounter' ideas have fallen by the wayside in the past. If it's always the same encounters, then folks would quickly figure out how to grind on it (or figure out that their characters can't succeed on them); if there's more variety, it becomes a question of who's generating that variety and running it, yes?
True, I used a random generator for many of the encounters, depending on the place it was held. But i guess its true that there are a significant number more pcs than I'm used to...possibly have it as a special event every so often, and figure out how to deal with it from there?


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If that's the case then I think it would just follow the regular rules for submitting an adventure.


What GE said. There aren't any rules requiring that an adventure proposal contain more than one encounter. In fact, folks have thrown together single-encounter stuff before in an effort to keep PC's busy. Having essentially the same structure whenever you wanted to propose it for a new group would probably help it be re-approved each time fairly quickly, I assume.