Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

I go all in on my voices, whether DM or player. But I've really been shying away from real-world accents as of late. After getting a pregen at a con game that had "speaks with a heavy aussie accent" as a character trait and then being informed that three of the other people at the table were from Australia, I've been working at ways of coming up with voices without using real-world accents. They were great sports about it, and encouraged me to make a fool of myself, at the least.

Anyways, I've no problem with Matt Mercer or Critical Role. I think his rules mastery isn't as good as his ability to tell a story and enable his players to bring their characters and the world to life. But on the whole he's done way more good for the hobby than bad.

I have noticed that there are some players that don't necessarily differentiate between CR and official D&D. Like someone asking about worshiping the Traveller in a FR campaign, or wanting to play a Blood Hunter in AL.

And I almost wish Matt Mercer was on Enworld so he could stop in and say "PSA: I am Matt Mercer."

My teen sons both go pommel deep in the accent thing. Thankfully they aren't terrible at it. Lots of Scottish and Irish, a little Latin America, and some Toydarian-style generic middle eastern. I don't know why people would bother comparing themselves to voice actors though. It's like making fun of someone playing a hacker in a Cyberpunk game because they can't code in HTML.

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Not your screen monkey (he/him) 🇺🇦🇵🇸🏳️‍⚧️
Is it too soon to start talking about "The good old days" when we could gather in a large room with a bunch of strangers to play a game? :unsure:

One day, we will come out from under the rocks we're living under, blink in the warm sunlight, someone will put on a scratchy phonograph, and we will play in public again.


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A lot of us wanted to and tried to create our own campaign worlds when we started out - didn't hurt that when I started, it was before FR was published and there were reams of setting material out there. It's normal and most of our attempts fall flat. It's part of the learning process. Best we can do, when a DM's world peters or flames out, is to pick the poor DMs up, dust them off, bandage their skinned knees, and let them know that the next attempt will be better. And the next attempt after that will be better still.
don't forget the Mercurochrome


One thing to bear in mind is that the show is, well, a show. While they do genuinely have a good time playing a game they enjoy, they're well aware that they're on camera and entertaining a huge audience, and that will change the emphasis of the game. They're very good with the narrative and character building elements because that's what most of the audience are there for - to experience a story.

That's not the main driving force behind most home games, and trying to make it so will be a self-defeating exercise for many groups.


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I’ll believe the “Matt Mercer effect” is a thing when I start hearing actual first-hand accounts of it. Thus far, every time I’ve seen it brought up, its someone referencing some other forum where they saw people complaining about it happening to their friends. Also, given that this one doesn’t have any campaign 2 references and in fact references a character who was kicked out of the group pretty early in campaign 1, I have a feeling it’s copypasta. At this point, I’m pretty sure the whole thing was made up to play on the fears of folks who don’t like streaming games.
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I'm sure Matt Mercer is a decent DM and the CR group is having fun playing it, but its absolutely not my cup of tea.

I see it as one way to play D&D but it isn't the only way to play. It isn't even the platonic ideal of D&D. Its just how that specific group enjoys the game.

If other people find enjoyment in emulating that then that's awesome. I, personally, wouldn't enjoy that kind of game and I don't consider Critical Role's style as something to aspire to.

I have friends who are Critical Role fans, and its not a big deal.

I don't try to run my game like Matt Mercer, I try to run my game like myself. I'm as decent a DM as Matt Mercer at running my game and my game is better for it. I'm not going to try to be something I'm not, my strengths as a DM are different than Mr. Mercer and I focus on the things I am stronger at.


So the biggest issue I have seen from CR has actually come more into play for me lately, since I can no longer play my face to face for the forseeable future.

This had happened before, but since it wasnt my only option it wasnt a big deal. Now it kinda is.

But the biggest negative effect I have felt is every time I want to play an online game, they want to Stream it or Record it or something...and I do not want to be streamed or recorded. Everyone else always thinks its such a grand idea and I feel bad a bit when I poopoo it but its just not something I want.

D&D isnt a spectator sport, and I don't wanna be spectated during it!

Also, when I have relented and tried a game where it is being streamed, there is DEFINITELY players who try and yuck it up for the camera. This gets in the way of the game, imho.

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