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Quakertown, PA area - AD&D - GM - gauging interest


I will be moving to Quakertown very soon (end of June), and I am gauging interest in a long-term, face-to-face AD&D campaign. More specifically, the system will be 1st edition with some house rules. The game doesn't have to take place in Quakertown; for example, it could be in the Lehigh Valley or south of Quakertown. At this time I am not able to host game sessions, so I am looking into public places to meet.

The campaign will be episodic, meaning the PCs will go from one short adventure to the next (think Star Trek episodes), with each adventure having closure. Adventures may be connected to each other to some degree, but there will be no long story arc. The campaign will be set in post-Wars Greyhawk, and PCs will start off as young people who live in a small remote village and have little to no experience/knowledge of the outside world.

If interested and/or you have questions, please post here or PM me. Hope to hear from you! :)

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