Established D&D group in Arlington/Cambridge area of Massachusetts is LFP - games are Tuesday nights 630 to 10pm(EST)


Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Face to Face
Experience: Any level welcome
Location/Timezone: Massachusetts, Arlington/Cambridge Border. (EST)
Schedule: Tuesday nights 630 pm to 10pm
Roles sought: Players
Game style: A casual game with a mix of RP and combat that drives the story forward or sometimes sideways, if you are fighting an evil cult it's not from a random chart ;)

So a unique situation with this one, the current level of the group is 10th so a chance to explore those character ideas that don't get traction till about then or a old character who never made it to there due to games ending, TPK, what have you. The campaign setting is in a massive magical city/state that is the remnant of a fallen empire ruled over by an ancient dragon, Has some unique takes on laws and cultures. A massive area that is explorable but warded off thanks to a magical effect caused by two dragons destroying each other in it. The city also sits on several entrances into a massive extra dimensional dungeon called the delves. Plus being a major trade hub for both land and sea. If interested ask here or PM me.

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