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Question about running Bonds of Forced Faith


So I was wondering if:

Does King Lorcan Finn's Crown of Risur trait allow him to know a certain someone's true name and break part of the story? I know I can always decide it does not work there, but I was wondering how for reaching this trait was meant to be.

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It lets you know the name they prefer to be called by, so that you can politely address people you meet and not forget their name. It doesn't reveal secret information.


Thanks, [MENTION=63]RangerWickett[/MENTION].

As for anyone else who is working on the conversion to 5e, I have some questions:

So I quickly loaded everything into roll20 for my Tuesday night game, and I noticed there were a lot of...interesting...features on the pre-generated character sheets. I was wondering if these were just special features for just Bonds of Forced Faith, the normal portions of race and class features are missing from the OGL, if they are upcoming character options, or if they are an artifact of converting from Pathfinder (or a bit of all 4). Some things that stuck out:
* Amielle has Engineering skill proficiency
* Amielle has a special version of fire retaliation called Wrathful Smite rather than the innate casting that Tieflings get
* Lorcan's Rites of rulership adds +5 to a bunch of skills rather than advantage
* Tomas has a special version of key that allows him to make ranged attacks with his fists or heal someone
* Harkover Lee's Handheld Flame is less effective than firebolt.
* Lorcan's +to hit and +to damage seem odd. both his greatsword and dagger have +8 to hit, but +4 to damage on the greatsword and only +3 to damage for the dagger. The Silent shortbow has +7 to hit despite his Dexterity being 10.
* Plus or minus fixed numbers on various ability checks throughout the adventure rather than advantage or disadvantage.

Most of them are just special quirks I added so the characters would feel more unique. Since they're pre-gens for a one-shot, I felt more flexible to do odd stuff and not worry about balance. These are all high-level characters, so I just imagine they got a bunch of unique boons over the course of their careers, like any good PC would. Amielle is 'immune to curses,' for instance, which is something I just think is fun for Tieflings to have, especially in this adventure.

I wanted to add Engineering as a skill for 5e, but realized while working on the Player's Guide that the system didn't *really* need it to be a skill. It probably ought to be 'engineering tools,' which is what Technologists get, though she's also the archetypal Gunsmith, so she ought to have gunsmithing tool proficiency too.

I like the flavor of setting someone on fire more than 'here, take some damage' that Hellish Rebuke and every other fire spell uses. Like I said, I used BoFF to tinker a bit.

The Rites of Rulership are intended to let you fight huge monsters, so they grant actual bonuses instead of just advantage. The rules for the rites in 4e and PF already work pretty much like that.

Tomas is a weird sort of hybrid monk-paladin. Again, Tinkering.

Lee's power was supposed to work just like firebolt; I just forgot it scales at 5th level.

Lorcan's dagger probably should just be +7 to-hit, since it's not magical. The bow benefits from Archery fighting style, which grants +2 to attack rolls.

I think the Ascent rules were a spot I didn't notice I needed to do a conversion. Yes, it should probably be advantage and disadvantage.

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