Level Up (A5E) Question Re: Doubleshot. Can you also attack on that turn?


Edit: So it turns out that the LU tools site is wrong, and that's what I was using. So nevermind.

Sorry if this has been asked before. Anyhoo, I'm making Yet Another character for fun (ah, the life of a Narrator...), using one of the new ranger archetypes from the newest GPG, and I decided to give them Double Shot. It reads:

The next ranged weapon attack you make uses two missiles instead of one. On a hit, you deal an additional weapon damage die.

Does this basically mean they can't attack on this turn, since their action is spent drawing and knocking the two arrow? (Level 3 character, if it matters.) Or was this supposed to read like some of the other maneuvers, which let you take an attack as part of the action used to activate the maneuver.
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no problem - it does say an action on the online tools. that's...weird. and also makes it true strike tier, honestly.
Yeah, with the character I was working on, I could see them only using it as their first shot and combining it with some of those accuracy bonuses that rangers get, then saving the exertion for other things.

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