Question re Out of the Abyss Items [Spoilers]


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I've been running Out of the Abyss for a group. I'm coming to the end of the first half of the adventure. I went through the magic item certs tonight, and I realize there are 13 that I cannot account for in the adventure. I've read there are some extras printed, but I want to make sure I haven't inadvertently skipped a treasure.I'll post the certs I have in the next post in this thread.

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So, the extra certs are:
[sblock]6 Piwafwis (aka Cloaks of Elvenkind) (the 7th appears on page 149)
1 Piwafwi of Fire Resistance
2 Carpets of Flying
1 Quartz Spell Gem (See Invisibility)
1 Gauntlets of Ogre Power (the 2nd set appears on page 82)
1 Ring of Free Action (the 2nd one appears on page 172)
1 Rope of Climbing[/sblock]
Do any of these actually appear in the adventure? Did I just miss some of them? I scoured the adventure and the Internet. In doing so, I figured out the solutions to my other two problems:
[sblock]The cert for the "Querying Crystal" has to be the "Stonespeaking Crystal," and the Cloak of the Arachnida was originally extra, but the League made it one of King Bruenor's rewards.[/sblock]
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Well, I solved two of the problems. The missing spell gem is on page 101. And most of the piwafwis are on page 164. The carpets, the second ring, the rope, the second set of gauntlets, and the special piwafwi still defy explanation.


You say "defy explanation" as if the mundanity of minor editing errors is an unknown concept for you :)

I am fairly certain the hardback contains no carpets of flying, no second set of gauntlets of ogre power. Perhaps they're meant as special rewards?

You say "most piwafwis" but I would say they're all accounted for (regular piwafwis anyway). There's one for each PC, plus the Khalessa one in the book. So if there are seven certs, that's enough for a party of six. Of course, it's probably plenty for larger parties too (not every character will want one; not every party will find them all). Since the special Piwafwi of Fire Resistance is statted up, but not otherwise mentioned, by the book itself, I would assume it was meant for Khalessa.

There are only two rings, and the other is a ring of protection.

Just finished OotA last night. It was too bad that there was only 1 cloak of arachnidia available as we had two characters who couldn't really use the armor and only one got the cloak. However, my paladin is pleased as punch with his new set of Adamantine Plate Armor of Semi-Dwarvenkind, which doesn't count against his magic item total.

On an aside, will AL release .pdfs of Season 1-3 certs to stores and conventions in the same way they're doing Season 4? Will there be any S4 certs for the hardcover (other than the Launch certs for Death House)?


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It's established that there will not be certs for the Curse of Strahd hardcover.

Rerelease of older certs is on the list, apparently, but just where on the list is a good question.

Apparently, you also had one of the DMs who believes that Bruenor's gifts come at the end of the story (there's no actual clarification that I've seen either way).


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Past certificates will not be re-issued in any format (people keep asking for it, and the admins have made this clear on numerous occasions). Once they are gone, they are gone.

The admins have clarified that Bruenors gift was intended to come at the end of the story, once the party has successfully helped repel the final demon lords from the underdark. Players don't however, need to complete 3-16 in order to get this reward. Just because one of the demon lords is more tricksy than the others, doesn't mean that they haven't repelled them from the Sword Coast.


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Yeah, here's this awesome magic item that was sitting in my closet that would've really helped you out the last few months, aren't you glad I'm giving it to you now?

I mean, the titles and the house makes sense to come at the end. The armor and such, not so much.

I will remove the titles and such when I run it in the future, but the armor's still getting handed out before they go back into the Underdark, because, you know, Bruenor actually wants them to succeed.

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