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ZEITGEIST Question regarding Always on Time


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I just started preparing adventure 4 and my players already decided to disguise as Caius and hide his death in the last adventure. That seems to be a smart idea. But I am a bit unsure about why would Luc or Ottavia know Caius, or ride the same train anyway? Ottavia is in Lantern Cell while Caius is in golden cell. Are they simply invited to the same meetinh in Vendricce?

I have some ideas about this but would love to hear some more.

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They are going to the same meeting, but Bree is also looking for Caius when the train is first getting ready to depart. Ottavia is Luc's handler. She would have received some briefing as to Caius, what he looks like, and that he is an ally.

The difficulty with this arrangement would be Bree. She has at least a passing acquaintance with Caius, and the PCs would not have known about her. It is unlikely the PC impersonating Caius would be able to maintain a ruse against Bree. If they decide to go down this route, the PCs will have to quickly figure out what to do about Bree because she will see through the ruse.

As part of their mission preparation, one of their successes should be that someone realizes that someone from Caius's past may show up, and they have no real way to prepare for that (that I can think of at least).
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