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WOIN [Question] Shielding?


More, more and more Drekin questions

This time about the advanced magic shielding:

Shielding. Cost 1 MP per +2 DEFENSE.
This a deflection ability; attacks of the secret’s type are diverted away from the target. Affected creatures gain a bonus to their Defense against any selected creature type equal to the MP spent. To gain Defense against all creature types, the cost is 1 MP/+1 DEFENSE and uses abjure self.

Any limits to this spell? And is it to all DEFENSE?
For example can I spend 12 MP to give myself +10 to all DEFENSE as a concentration spell?

Please advise

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Yes, if you're happy to have only one action per round, and you have a MAG score of 12.

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