questions about the Schema rpg. Anyone played it?


Hey guys, I picked up this little rpg (really an engine, by its own admission) called Schema: the Second Iteration.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had experience with it, because I'm a little unclear as to how team actions (like a D&D skirmish/combat) work with the rules.

For the curious: the rules try to "pack as much as you can" into a single roll. So, one player is the lead player and makes a determination as to what they are doing this turn. The GM (called the Guide) then puts down Dangers (like Injury, Affliction, Displacement, etc.) and possibly Augments (like Subtlety, Speed, Style, etc.). They player then rolls a pile of dice (usually three or four, but possibly more) and spends the results to either "buy off" the Dangers or "buy" the Augments. (So if you fail to buy off the Injury Danger, then you suffer an injury while pursuing your goal.) They give some examples of individual rolls, but even the combat one doesn't seem to explain exactly how you determine when or how your enemies are actually defeated. (All the rolls and mechanical stats are player-facing, so its not like your enemies are taking turns.)

I'm not necessarily complaining. The product bills itself as an engine for clear stakes-based gameplay, rather than a complete game. So adding something like a "clock" or "track" for defeating the goblin horde or something would be trivially easy. I'm just not clear if there's a default method for doing this under the system.

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