2ND ED I am confused on combat. I'm sure its simple but it is not clicking for me.

ATT 1D20+ATT bonus+size+misc mod - range


DEF 1D20 +10 + def bonus + size + misc

success by <5 equals bruised
success by <10 equals injured

Where is toughness and how do I set the DC?

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If the system has not changed in the 2nd edition:
1- First you roll attack against the defense. You don't roll defense, it is a base value that considers you rolled a 10 to make combat faster, if you want to roll you could change the 10 of the formula for 1D20.
2- If there is a hit you calculate damage bonus (you should already have calculated whats the damage of your hits and powers). You don't roll damage as with other games, the defender will roll "armor", you only have to tell the defender what is the damage value for his toughness roll.
3- The defender rolls toughness, difficulty is 15+damage bonus. If he is sucessful no damage was dealt, if he fails he has to calculate by how much and apply the conditions.

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