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D&D General Questions regarding Drivethrurpg POD of classic AD&D "pastel" modules

Greg K

I saw that Drivethrurpg has the "pastel" versions of the AD&D modules T1, G1 G2, and G3. I am hoping that people whom have the POD versions can answer a few questions.

1. Are the module pages bound to the cover or are they printed as they originally were with the the cover (w/ map on the interior) detached from the module?

2. How is the print quality for the POD versions? The reviews that I have seen regarding the pds have been inconsistent with lone star ratings one end over issues related to print alignment, poor contrast maps, and page staining to five start rating at the other end.

Thank you.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I don't know, but I would guess not on the interior cover front -- to my knowledge DTRPG's PoD partner doesn't offer that. At least, if they do, I've not seen it when publishing PoD books through them.

For the latter -- it's fine. It's obviously not as nice as an offset print run, but then the print quality of the original modules wasn't always that great either.

David Howery

the DTRPG ones are not the same layout as the originals... the whole thing is bound as a book, and the previous contents of the inside covers and separate maps are bound with everything else on the inside. A good idea would be to buy the PDF along with the POD so you can print the maps/handouts out separately...

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