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Release Quick Generator - Void Name Generator from Ennead Games


Quick Generator - Void Name Generator

The Void - An area of space or reality where nothing exists. It may be a rip in space-time, an area of utter devastation after a war, a place of null-energy where not even the most potent of psionic powers work.

Whatever the cause of it, this type of area can go by many names and this generator helps you to come up with one. With 2 x d100 tables, you can get up to 10,000 possible combinations, with some being more fitting and suitable for your setting than others.

Although designed with a sci-fi setting in mind, this can also be suitable for a fantasy setting and used to describe an arcane rift, or magical devastation etc.

Example output:
  • The Evanescent Harmony
  • The Sanguine Decimation
  • The Ceaseless Nullity

Available now at DrivethruRPG (product link)

Open Gaming Store & Paizo online stores very soon (store links)

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