Races of Farspace


World of Kulan DM
The List
The following list is a draft of PC races for the Farspace Reality.

Common Races
  • Bugbear
  • Chattur [Beyond the Moons]
  • Dohwar [Beyond the Moons]
  • Dracon [Beyond the Moons] **
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Giff [Beyond the Moons]
  • Githzerai [D&D Expanded Psionics Handbook]
  • Gnome
  • Gnome, Brewer [Creature Collection: Revised] (instead of Tinker gnomes)
  • Goblin
  • Grommam [Beyond the Moons]
  • Hadozee [D&D Stormwrack]
  • Half-Elf
  • Half-Orc
  • Halfling
  • Hobgoblin
  • Human
  • Hurwaet [Beyond the Moons]
  • Illumian [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Kobold
  • Ogre
  • Orc
  • Rastipede [Beyond the Moons]
  • Xixchil [Beyond the Moons]
Uncommon Races
  • Aperusa **
  • Azer
  • Bovinotaur [Knightfall's Creature Anthology] **
  • Dragonborn, Kulani *
  • Eleti [Mythic Races]
  • Faust [Wildwood]
  • Felid [Template] [Book of Erotic Fantasy]
  • Genasi [all] [FORGOTTEN REALMS Races of Faerûn]
  • Gith, Pirate of [Beyond the Moons]
  • Gnoll, Insectile [Knightfall's Creature Anthology] **
  • Gnome, Fire [D&D Planar Handbook]
  • Gnome, Steam [Bluffside: City on the Edge] *
  • Half-Bugbear [Bastards & Bloodlines]
  • Half-Goblin [Bastards & Bloodlines]
  • Half-Githzerai [Svimohzia: The Ancient Isle]
  • Human, Vasharan [D&D Book of Vile Darkness]
  • Khaasta [D&D Fiend Folio]
  • Kitt [Knightfall's World of Kulan: Monster Compilations] *
  • Mercane [D&D Manual of the Planes]
  • Mongrelfolk [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Raia [Knightfall's World of Kulan: Monster Compilations] (no stats yet)
  • Rakasta, Kulani [Knightfall's World of Kulan: Monster Compilations] *
  • Sharakim [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Skulk [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Warforged [D&D Races of Eberron]
  • Yuan-Ti Pureblood
  • Zenythri [D&D Monster Manual II]
Rare Races
  • Aasimar [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Asherake [Wildwood]
  • Bionoid [Template] [Beyond the Moons]
  • Caiveh [EN World Creature Catalog]
  • Doppelganger [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Drow **
  • Elf, Eldred [Knightfall's World of Kulan: Monster Compilations] *
  • Forc [What The...?]
  • Goblin, Bakad [Haggler] [SpirosBlaak]
  • Goblin, Mad Smith [SpirosBlaak]
  • Gnome, Star *
  • Half-Ogre [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Half-Raia [Knightfall's World of Kulan: Monster Compilations]
  • Half-Vampire [Template] [Bastards & Bloodlines]
  • The Jerren [D&D Book of Vile Darkness]
  • Kalashtar [D&D Races of Eberron]
  • Kobold, Dire [Beyond Countless Doorways]
  • Kureshim [Hyperconscious]
  • Litorian [Arcana Unearthed]
  • Lunar Creature [Template] [The Complete Book of Denizens]
  • Psiforged [EBERRON Magic of Eberron]
  • Ratman [Slitheren] [Creature Collection: Revised]
  • Ryven [Tome of Horrors II]
  • Selkie, Star [Beyond the Moons]
  • Scro [Beyond the Moons] **
  • Shade [FOGOTTEN REALMS Races of Faerûn]
  • Shifter [D&D Races of Eberron]
  • Star-Borne Creature [Template]
  • Tiefling [D&D Planar Handbook]
Very Rare Races
  • Asaatth [Creature Collection: Revised] *
  • Baturgahla [Races of Evernor: Part III]
  • Changling [D&D Races of Destiny]
  • Dragori [all] [Dry Lands: Empires of the Dragon Sands]*
  • Dwarf, Arkanoclian [Crafter Dwarf] [SpirosBlaak]
  • Elf, Aerenal [Lamnaro Elf] [D&D Races of Destiny] *
  • Fey'ri [FOGOTTEN REALMS Races of Faerûn]
  • Gnome, Chaos [D&D Races of Stone] **
  • Half-Beholder [Template] [Bastards & Bloodlines]
  • Half-Illithid [Template] [Fiend Folio]
  • Half-Rakshasa [Template] [Bastards & Bloodlines]
  • Human, Descendant of Trel [Knightfall's World of Kulan: Monster Compilations] *
  • Kroy [Races of Evernor: Part I]
  • Lavayne [Blood-Kin] [SpirosBlaak]
  • Lizardfolk, Venusian [Lizardkin of Trel] [EN World Creature Catalog] *
  • Lumi [D&D Monster Manual III]
  • Martian, High [Highborn of V'sal] [EN World Creature Catalog] *
  • Mentor [SpirosBlaak]
  • Moon Man [EN World Creature Catalog] *
  • Nevaequariani [Navae] [Bluffside: City on the Edge] *
  • Ngakoi [The Broken Isles: Player's Guide]
  • Quaraphon [D&D Monster Manual III]
  • Skarren [The Broken Isles: Player's Guide]
  • Solar Creature [Template] [The Complete Book of Denizens]
  • Tanarukk [FORGOTTEN REALMS Races of Faerûn]
  • Vultaur [Hyperconscious]
  • Xixitha [Races of Evernor: Part III]
  • Zeidian [The Broken Isles: Player's Guide]
Any race marked with an asterisk (*) originates from Kulanspace.
Any race marked with a double asterisk (**) isn't normally found in Kulanspace.

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