Racial Feats on D&D Beyond

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If the racial feats are the same ones from Xanathar's then yes. If they aren't then no.

In order to be AL legal, the option must either be listed in an article which specifically states they are AL legal options, or be published in a product specifically included in the list of PHB+1 options in the ALPG for the current season. Even published books aren't AL legal unless they have been added to the ALPG (such was the case in previous seasons however as of season 6, the Admins became paid WotC employees and as a result, have advance notice of upcoming products and have been able to add them to the ALPG ahead of its release date).


Most D&D Beyond entries have an entry listing the source of the feat/spell/ability/etc. Just make sure it is from Xanathar's and you have chosen Xanathar's as your +1 for the character in question.

There are some rules items made by the D&D Beyond crew that are not published in any WOTC product. Those rules items are NOT D&D AL legal. If they are ones published in a WOTC source, like XGE, then they are legal.

Greg Marks
D&D Associate Resource Manager


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Cool. Looks like a bunch of Volo's races but i did notice a Tortle feat. Since Tortles are considered XGtE +1, I thought it 'might' have counted.

Thanks for the clarification.


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Tortles are XGE, however the Tortle Package didn't include any feats. Just because the feat was made for Tortles, doesn't make it AL-legal.

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