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Radiance Monster Hunter (Rogues' Gallery)


First Post
Lo, let it be known to all that in the Year of Our Most Revenant & Eternal Queen, Morgan le Fay, 1889, Long May She Rein, that I <<Insert Your Name here>> do most solemnly swear, to pledge my life and my soul to the Order of Shadows. That I will execute the duties of the Order at all times. That I shall protect the citizens of the Empire from those forces most foul. That I will obey the orders of my superiors and act with honor and bravery at all times. Unto my last breath I thee swear!’​

This is the Rogue’s Gallery Thread for the Radiance ‘Monster Hunters’ Game –the Order
OOC Thread
IC thread

When you have your final character finished please post them here.

[sblock=Brief History of the World]The origins of the world and its creation myths are based out of the Radiance player’s book, pg. 128, updated with the following.

In the early days, great beast roamed the lands but there were no sentient creation but the gods themselves, so caught up in their wars and petty disagreements. The end of the war almost destroyed the world and the various gods crafted and changed the beasts to aid them in this war.

Nature sent the Great Deluge to flood the world and destroy most of these abominations(this happened maybe 10,000 years ago). She then set up the 3 Rules (as per Radiance).

Humans and the other Races came into being now with the various gods and even the Creator, Nature and the Void, crafting those in their own images and ideals. There civilizations rose and fell as the world age.

Around 2,000 years ago there was a great awaking and many of the great civilizations of this time remain today. The British Empire being the strongest and with one the oldest continual ruler (not that oldest though as the Dragon Emperor is older) but there are many others.

Around 1,000 years ago, there was a great gathering of dark and undead forces in what is called the Holy Lands (in this world, these lands are said to be where the Creature and Nature first stepped onto the World they had created, and where the gods all sprang from. This is also where the Void came and tricked Nature). These armies spread out all across the world and threatened all life (called the Black Death today). Only an alliance of the great Empires was able to push them back.

It was during this time that the New World (North and South America) were discovered. Only the coastlands have colonies on them even today, with most of the native peoples pushing back against expansion. Australia was also settled at this time but only the coastlands, as the Aboriginals preformed some magic that kept the colonists from entering the heartlands.

But the peace between the Great Empires that has lasted since the Black Death is waning and the rumors and rumbling of War can be heard again…[/sblock]
[sblock=Important Empires and Places of the World]The British Empire: Argubly the strongest nation on Earth, the Empire controls not only the home British Islands, it also controls most of Italy and the Mediterranean Sea (the Holy Roman Empire), the 13 colonies of North America and the 2 Canadian Provinces, the Horn of Africa (Union of South Africa), the Kingdom of Iran and India, the islands of Japan and the province of Manchuria along with the coastlands of Australia. The Elf Queen, Morgan le Fay, has ruled the empire for 1889 years.

The Kingdom of Prussia: the main rival for world dominance with the British Empire is the Kingdom of Prussia. The empire includes the states of Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Their leaders, by tradition, are all drawn from the Teutonic Order of Knights, and are called the High Marshal. For the last fifty years they have been going into a huge technological advancements, and are said to be the world leaders in Electrotechnology. Their colonies include the Kingdom of Morocco, the Kingdom of Brazil (whom they took from the Spanish), and the Republic of Pakistan. Their agents are spread throughout the world in some mad search for something. The present leader is the Hobgoblin High Marshal Fredgrum Ironheart.

The Empire of Spain
: Once the rival of the British Empire, her scientist created the Mech (both Labormechs and Warmechs) some 300 years ago and once controlled much of the New Worlds of South and Central America (other nations copied this design and used them extensively). Spain lost a number of important wars to both the British and Prussians as their empire waned. The final straw was when the Mechs of the Caribbean Islands rebelled 20 years ago and became the independent Free Islands of Brass. Spain remains a strong nation internally but their days of Empire and influence militarily have passed. The present ruler is a the Human, King Alfonso XIII.

The French Republic
: Another former great power, they have never recovered from the Napoleonic Wars of last century. They still control the important trading towns of New Orleans and St. Louis in North America and are allied with the Kingdoms of the Keora and Vietnam in the Eastern Lands. The present leader is the Asimar Chancellor Marie Francois Sadi Carnot.

The Kingdom of Greater Congo
: One of the strongest nations outside of Europe, the rules of this central highland nation made strong trading agreements with the Middle East and the Ming Dynasty in the early days after the Black Death. With their huge natural wealth and population they are an economic powerhouse with a military second only to the British. Their nation is non-expansionist though and they rarely have dealings with other nations, except when they make advances into nearby nations. The present ruler is the Halfling Yethin Incen Trionth.

The River Kingdoms of Egypt
: Ruled by the Immortal Hierian (scions) of the Titans, beings that were supposedly all destroyed during the Great Deluge. These lands are steeped in magic and psionic energy but they lag a bit behind most of the other great nations in the area of technology, especially Eltrotech. The present leaders are a group of Hierian sons and daughters (including Ra, Anubis, Set and Iriss).

The Persian Empire
: Making up most of Iraqi and Saudi Arabia and the Persian Sea, this Empire is only 500 years old. Most of the old empires of this region were destroyed during the Black Death, baring the brunt of the undead armies’ attacks. Mostly wandering tribesmen and a few smaller city dwellers resided here and the lands were never consider worth conquering. That was not until Steam and Electrotech started making headway and the huge reserves of Oil and natural gas were discovered here. The rules of the lands quickly consolidated their power and seized control of these oil fields before other world powers could grab them. They used their new found wealth to quickly improve the lives of their subjects and grow their army. The present leader, the Gnome is King Fairsal bin Hussian II.

The Empire of Russia
: This ancient Empire controls huge vast lands (it is one of the largest single nations on Earth) and is rich with natural resources but for such a large land it is sparsely populated. While the Empire is important on the world stage they never had enough peoples to harbor any ambitions of world conquest or colonies. It is only within the last century where the rules have started investing in technology to improve the peasants’ lives and a push for a population increase. They have also invested heavily into military technology but mostly purchased from other nations (although they are developing their own, just not as fast as most of the other power houses). The present leader is the Dwarf, Tsar Alexander IIV Goldblood, the Peacemaker.

The Ming Dynasty
: The large central China nation is one of the oldest continual nations on Earth, and is where the invented gun powered and firearms (and cannons) was made. The Dragon Emperor has sat on the Gem Throne for almost 2,500 years and guided his nation with a soft touch (claw?). He is not especially interested in expansion but he has invested heavily in technology that not only improved the lives of his subjects but made them very strong militarily. It is said that the Great Wall was conjured up by him during the Black Death, and that this might have weakened him in some way for now he sleeps, sometimes for years, within the Forbidden City. His administrators and general often dream his wishes and at least so far, seem to continue his wishes even while he slumbers. The rules is the immoral Dragon Emperor.

The Alchemist Republic of Texas - this nation gained its independence from the Spanish Empire 40 years ago when radical free-thinkers convinced the large Warmech army stationed there to join the cause. They offered the Mechs freedom and citizenship within the newly created nation. The citizens are ex-pact British, France and Spanish scholars, scientists and artificers along with a large number of native peoples. The army is still made up predominately of Warmechs and they are a major world exporter of alchemist formula and stream powered technology. The present lead is the Half-Elf President Sam Houston III.

Other Places…
Antarctica: the mysterious Lands of Ice and Wind are almost completely unexplored. Expedition sent here almost never return, no matter how well funded or equipped. Legends say this land is cursed with the spirits and ghosts of its inhabitants that died off during the Great Deluge.

: legends say that this once great island nation fell to the worship of Nefriti, the Mistress of the Veil and that in one blood soaked night, turned the entire population to undeath. Her generals and undead warlocks lead the armies of the Black Death and when they fell to the nations of the living, the masters of the island hide it away somehow. Memory of the where the great island was formerly located was forgotten and no one has ever been able to prove they have found it since.

: this is the mysterious underdark nation of the Illithid and their slave races (located under Europe and Great Britain). No nation willingly (or at least openly) trades with this aliens from the Void. Why they choose to live so far underground is unknown. Occasionally the slave armies of this nation spill forth on wild berserk raids for their masters.

The Sunken Island of Mul
: This island nation was supposedly the greatest and most powerful lands before the Great Deluge and it sank beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean during this great cataclysm. The Mul were said to have discovered Electrotech and developed beyond anything by the modern empires. Their magic was said to be on par with the Gods themselves. Many expeditions have been launched by the various nations to find this sunken island but so far to no avail.

The Lands of Thule
: These lands are said to lie somewhere in the waters of the North Pole, hidden by mist and clouds and blocked by walls of ice. This was the first nation to rise after the Great Deluge and its people were said to be some of the first of the humanoid races to join together to build a great nation. It disappeared for some unknown reason some 6,000 years ago.
[sblock=Order of Shadows] FIND DC: DC 18 History or Streetwise check once daily.
CONSTELLATION SIGIL: A stylized open Eye on a black field.
ENTRY: Invitation only.
PROFILE: The Order of Shadows acts as troubleshooters and monster hunters within the Empire. They were formed over a thousand years ago when the forces of the Undead and creatures from beyond the Veil threatened to overrun the world during the Black Death. The Order’s main charge it to make sure these forced never again become strong enough to threaten the Empire (and the world secondarily). Many of the creatures operate in secret and from behind others and so the Order acts in a similar fashion.
MEMBERS: Almost any race or class, but no Evil alignments allowed.
FACTION SKILLS: Appraise +15, Arcana +10, Craft +5, Dungeoneering +15, Heal +5, History +20, Insight +15, Literacy +20, Mechanics +5, Nature +5, Perception +5, Religion +10, Stealth +15, Trick +15, Warcraft +10.
MULTICLASSING: None. Instead the Order provides some basic training in a few important skills. All members of the Order add +2 to the following Skills: Arcane, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion, Streetwise, Warcraft
SPECIAL: Will cast Raise Dead for members in good standing within the order. This occurs at a Chapter House and includes the material components at a great savings. Cost: 2,000gp. Will teach you any 1 basic ability of which you qualify for any class that is not your own. Use the class’s prime attribute to resolve the abilities. Cost: 2,000gp. Finally they provide mission gear and equipment at either reduced cost or for free, depending on the mission, the characters levels and standing. Will also discount magical items costs by at least 10% listed price. The Order acts as a Patron (Royal level when the heroes make Paragon level).[/sblock]
[sblock=Character sheet]NAME:
SPEED: 30ft
ATTACK: d20+ (special)
STR 10 (+0), CON 10 (+0), DEX 10 (+0), INT 10 (+0), WIS 10 (+0), CHA 10 (+0)
SKILLS Acrobatics (Dex), Appraise (Int), Arcane (Int), Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Dungeoneering (Int), Endurance (Con), Handle Animals (Wis), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Insight (Wis), Intimidate (Str), Literacy (Int), Mechanics (Dex), Music (Cha), Nature (Int), Nobility (Cha), Perception (Wis), Pilot (Dex), Religion (Wis), Stealth (Dex), Streetwise (Cha), Survival (Wis), Trick (Dex), Warcraft (Int)
MINOR BOON:[/sblock]
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First Post
Lady Anabel Gearsmith, female Asimar artificer/medicant
She characters direct leader within the Order of Shadows and the one who had worn you in as initiates...

Butler and Cook for the Order of Shadow's at the Well's Estate. Ham Grubs, Half-Ork servant (townie)[sblock=Image]

Possible NPC...
[sblock=Human Wizard]VictorSpellsong.jpg

NAME: Victor Spellsong
RACE: Human
CLASS/LEVEL: Wizard/2nd level
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
SENSES: Normal
LANGUAGES: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin, Orc
SPEED: 30ft
ATTACK: d20+5
WEAPON: Revolver (2d6 piercing, Light, Range: 30ft), Short Sword (1d6 piercing, Light)
DAMAGE: +0 bonuses
ARMOR: Leather shirt (Mage Armor); DR: 1 (Mage Armor 4)
STR 11 (+0), CON 14 (+2), DEX 13 (+1), INT 18 (+4), WIS 9 (-1), CHA 15 (+2)
SKILLS Acrobatics (Dex) +1, Appraise (Int) +4, Arcane (Int) +9, Athletics (Str) +0, Bluff (Cha) +2, Craft (Int) +6, Diplomacy (Cha) +2, Disguise (Cha) +2, Dungeoneering (Int) +8, Endurance (Con) +2, Handle Animals (Wis) +4, Heal (Wis) -1, History (Int) +8, Insight (Wis) -1, Intimidate (Str) +0, Literacy (Int) +9, Mechanics (Dex) +3, Music (Cha) +2, Nature (Int) +6, Nobility (Cha) +2, Perception (Wis) -1, Pilot (Dex) +3, Religion (Wis) +1, Stealth (Dex) +1, Streetwise (Cha) +4, Survival (Wis) -1, Trick (Dex) +1, Warcraft (Int) +6
DEITY: Voktra, Matron of the Crossroads
THEME: Specialist
EQUIPMENT: Leather Shirt (3gp, 8lbs/1, Natural), Revolver (45gp, 3lbs/1), 20 rounds (4gp, 6lbs/2), Short Sword (10gp, 2lbs/1), Implement Wand (Walking Stick, 1gp, 1lb), Spellbook (3lbs), Notebook (1gp, ½lb), 10 Ink pens and Vials of Ink (9gp, 2oz), one set of Gentlemen’s Outfit (Courtier’s, 30gp, 6lbs/1), and one set of Traveler’s Outfit (1gp, 5lbs/[1]), Basic Pack (13gp, 15lbs/3; includes standard ID, travel papers, 2 days trail rations, waterskin, backpack & bedroll, sunrod, tindertwig), Trained Raven (10gp), Box of Matches (50, 1gp), Pack of cigarettes (20, 5gp)
COIN (starting 150gp): 18gp
RACIAL ABILITIES: Adaptable (start with 1 extra racial, class basic or minor award – bonus Basic Class ability), Heroic Mien (1/day can retry a single d20 skill roll), Quick Learner (apply +5 to one skill – Handle Animals), Iron Will (+2 to Will defense), Student of Science (gain +2 to Dungeoneering, History, Literacy, Mechanics, and Pilot skills).
CLASS ABILITIES: Implement (Wand/Walking stick; without it you are -2 to your magical attack rolls), Arcane Training (+3 to Arcana and Literacy), Magic Missileᴹ (project 1 bolt per 2/lvl, automatically hitting a target within 90ft for 1d4+1 force damage each), Spellbook (You use a spellbook to provide daily flexibility. Each day after you study your spellbook and incant for 10 minutes you can use for 24 hours 1 extra Wizard magic ability at any tier that you can access except paragon. Grants access to ability you don’t have), Alarmᴹ (set an alarm on station squares (10ft/level). Any creature that crosses perimeter evokes an audible or silent alarm. Lasts 24 hours, one alarm at a time), Burning Handsᴹ (creatures in a 15ft cone suffer (1d4/lvl) 2d4 fire damage or ½ with Reflex resist. Cost 1 vitality), Feather Fallᴹ (as immediate action, you or 1 ally in 120ft descend gentle to the ground. Cost 1 vitality), Lightᴹ (conjure light on object), Mage Armorᴹ (DR 4 for 1 hour, does not stack with real armor. Costs 1 vitality), Mage Handᴹ (telekinesis single object up to 5lbs within 30f and can move object 10ft a round), Shocking Graspᴹ (one adjacent foe suffers 1d6/ lvl (max 5d6) 2d6 electrical damage and is dazed for 1 round unless Fortitude resists. +5 bonus on your attack against all metal-armor-clad foes. Costs 1 vitality)
MINOR BOONS: Bonus Class Ability, Vitality Boost (+3 to Vitality score)
THE ORDER SKILL BONUS: +2 to the following Skills: Arcane, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion, Streetwise, Warcraft

Victor is from a well to do family of 'New Money' (business) and was sent to Oxford University where he earned his decree in the Occult Sciences.
Victor is quite likable, well mannered and generally dressing in a fine gentlemen's suit. He has been training a raven to do minor tricks and often brings it along where ever he goes. He thinks it makes him look more 'mysterious and dashing.
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Forged Fury

First Post
Giuseppe Santini, Kobold Artificer


NAME: Giuseppe Santini
RACE: Kobold
CLASS/LEVEL: Artificer 2
SENSES: Darkvision, Light Adaptation
PERCEPTION +6 (+11 Traps); STEALTH +11
LANGUAGES: Common, Draconic, Goblin, Orc, & Undercommon
SPEED: 30ft
Repeating Rifle: Damage: 2d8+4, Range: 80’, Ammo: 5, Piercing
Claws & Teeth: Damage: 1d3-1, Piercing
ARMOR: Studded Leather, Buckler, & Scaly Hide; DR: 5
STR 9 (-1), CON 14 (+2), DEX 19 (+4), INT 16 (+3), WIS 13 (+1), CHA 9 (-1)
SKILLS +6 Acrobatics (Dex), +5 Appraise (Int), +18 Arcana (Int) [+23 when activating unfamiliar items], -1 Athletics (Str), +1 Bluff (Cha), +15 Craft (Int), -1 Diplomacy (Cha), -1 Disguise (Cha), +17 Dungeoneering (Int), +2 Endurance (Con) [-3 when below freezing], +1 Handle Animals (Wis), +3 Heal (Wis), +5 History (Int), +1 Insight (Wis), -1 Intimidate (Str), +5 Literacy (Int), +16 Mechanics (Dex) [+21 with Steam], -1 Music (Cha), +5 Nature (Int), -1 Nobility (Cha), +6 Perception (Wis) [+11 to spot traps], +6 Pilot (Dex), +3 Religion (Wis), +11 Stealth (Dex), +3 Streetwise (Cha), +3 Survival (Wis), +6 Trick (Dex), +5 Warcraft (Int)
MULTICLASS OPTION: Rogue or Sorcerer
DEITY: Rorax
THEME: Scientist
EQUIPMENT: Studded Leather, Buckler, Repeating Rifle, Bullets (40), Artisan’s Outfit, Backpack, Silk Rope, Thieves Tools, ID Papers w/Portrait, Fistful of bank notes, Quality Lock, Camel Pack, Lighter, Gas Mask, Mild Poison Gas Bomb, List of Vaquero Victims, Victim Payments (Uncollected debt bonds and approximately 65gp in coin).
COIN: 57.4 GP
RACIAL ABILITIES: Claws and Teeth (1d3-1 Melee Attack), Cold Weakness (Fatigued and suffer -5 Endurance when below freezing), Dark Lore (+5 Arcana & Dungeoneering), Darkvision, Kobold Skills (+2 Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Craft, Dungeoneering, Mechanics, Stealth, Streetwise, Survival, & Trick), Light Adaptation (Dazzled for 2 minutes when exposed to bright light), Swift Retreat (5’ step as immediate action when larger foe initiates melee attack, 2 Vitality), & Scaly Hide (+1 DR)

CLASS ABILITIES: Artificer Training (+3 Arcana, Craft, & Mechanics; Use Scrolls), Artisan (+5 Craft & Dungeoneering), Brew Potion (Create potions), Detect Magic (Detect magic within 15' cone, additional scan pinpoints location and describes magic), Infuse (Infuse item with artificer magic), Trapfinding (+5 Perception, +10 to spot traps), Wheedle Magic (+5 Arcana, +10 when activating unfamiliar items)

THEME BOON: Gearhead (+5 Mechanics; +10 with Steam); Technical Training (+2 Craft, Heal, Literacy, Mechanics, & Pilot)

Description: There's a certain... je ne sai quoi about Giuseppe. Is it his impressively snaggled teeth; jutting from all corners of his mouth reminiscent of passengers fleeing a sinking ship? Is it, possibly, his lazy eye; permanently knocked out of alignment due to a... slight miscalculation involving a pressurized container? Whatever it is, Giuseppe is the definition of homely. Standing about a meter tall, he is the average height and size of a kobold. His scales are colored an unattractive hue of rust. Largely focused on his craft, Giuseppe typically wears the garb of a tradesman with a heavy leather tool belt encircling his waist. His clothes are functional, but nearly always smeared in dirt, grease, and grime (along with his face and hands). He carries a hand-crafted repeating rifle and has a large, re-purposed cog strapped to his arm, serving as a buckler shield.

Personality: Focused on his work and ideas, Giuseppe is not the greatest conversationalist. His low-pitched, dog-like voice can be heard constantly as he mutters to himself about ideas for new devices and the calculations required to create them. His eyes constantly dart this way and that, as if he expected something to blow up at any second. Considering how often he checked the straps on his backpack, the behavior makes normal people uncomfortable. Giuseppe is an adherent to steam power, so much so that he has an unhealthy amount of skepticism and suspicion toward electrotech. His muttering occasionally veers into conspiracy theories he has created concerning the dark magic known as electricity. He is entirely convinced electrotech was introduced into the world by the dark horrors the Order was founded to counter for unexplained but obviously nefarious purposes. On top of that, he considers steam tech to simply be superior, even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary. Electrotech doesn't have the same "warmth" and "soul" that steam power provides.

Background: Giuseppe was born in a small village in Italy, the son of a toymaker and his wife. He admired his father and spent a great deal of time around him, picking up skill with various tools. Yearning for a more encompassing learning experience, Giuseppe left his village rather quickly after a mysterious, but absolutely not at all intended and totally accidental, explosion destroyed the town's mill. Plying his skills, Giuseppe headed for Londinium as it was the home of some of the greatest technological marvels in the modern world. Hiring on as a craftsman with a local firearms manufacturer, Giuseppe impressed the shop's customers with the quality of his work. A few of those customers happened to be members of the Order of Shadows and passed on their recommendation to the upper echelons of the organization. Provisionally hired on, largely in a logistics capacity, Giuseppe is nevertheless called on occasionally for field work.
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NAME: Moradin Bronzoborodyy (Bronzebeard)
RACE: Dwarf
CLASS/LEVEL: Pathfinder/2
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
SIZE: Medium
SENSES: Darkvision
LANGUAGES: Common, Celestial, Dwarven, Draconic, Elven, Giant, Infernal, Undercommon
SPEED: 20 ft
ATTACK: 1d20+4
*Shotgun: 1d20+5; 30 ft; 6 shots/40 shells (1 reload move; full reload full round)
*Battleaxe: 1d20+4
*Handaxe: 1d20+4
*Shotgun: 2d8+2/P
*Battleaxe: 1d8/S
*Handaxe: 1d6/S
ARMOR: Chain shirt
DR: 4

*Dwarven Resistances: +2 vs poison and magic.
*Earth Anchor: +5 vs Bull Rush, Charge, Grapple, Trip when on the ground.
*Bear’s Endurance: +5 vs attacks that cause fatigue or exhaustion.
*Trap Sense: +5 Reflex vs traps.
STR 11 (+0)
CON 16 (+3)
DEX 15 (+2)
INT 16 (+3)
WIS 15 (+2)
CHA 7 (-2)


Acrobatics (Dex) +2
Appraise (Int) +8 (Artisan: +5)
Arcane (Int) +5
Athletics (Str) +0
Bluff (Cha) -2
Craft (Int) +3 (Artisan: +5)
Diplomacy (Cha) -2
Disguise (Cha) -2
Dungeoneering (Int) +14
Endurance (Con) +10
Handle Animals (Wis) +2
Heal (Wis) +2
History (Int) +7
Insight (Wis) +2
Intimidate (Str) +0
Literacy (Int) +5
Mechanics (Dex) +2
Music (Cha) -2
Nature (Int) +9
Nobility (Cha) -2
Perception (Wis) +4 (Stonecunning: +2)
Pilot (Dex) +9 (+10 once per day)
Religion (Wis) +4
Stealth (Dex) +2
Streetwise (Cha) +0
Survival (Wis) +4
Trick (Dex) +2
Warcraft (Int) +5 (Artisan: +5)
AGE: 43
MULTICLASS OPTION: Cleric, Fighter, Psion
DEITY: Solari
THEME: Explorer
Chain Shirt (1)
Shotgun (2)
Battleaxe (2)
Handaxe (1)
Basic Pack (traveler’s outfit, standard ID papers, traveling papers, 2 days trail rations, full waterskin, backpack and bedroll, wooden holy symbol, 2 belt pouches, sunrod, tindertwig)(3)
50 ft Silk rope (1)
40 shotgun shells (4)
Waterskin (vodka) (4 lbs)

MAX: 15
*Pack Mule: +4 Str for carrying capacity.
COIN: 112 gp, 4 sp
*Artisan: +5 Appraise, Craft, Warcraft related to gems, jewelry, stone, or metal.
*Darkvison: You see in conditions of total darkness as easily as full daylight. Dark vision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight.
*Dwarven Resistances: +2 vs poison and magic.
*Earth Anchor: +5 vs Bull Rush, Charge, Grapple, Trip when on the ground.
*Pack Mule: +4 Str for carrying capacity.
*Stonecunning: +5 Dungeoneering; +2 Perception to notice unusual stonework (traps, secret doors) when pass within 10 feet.
*Great Fortitude: +2 Fortitude
*Iron Will: +2 Will

Armor: Light
Weapons: Firearms, crossbows, small projectiles, whip, axes
Special: Thesis, on completion receive academic position of 100 gp/month
Training: 13 years
*Identify: +5 Appraise. After spending 1 hour of study and 1 Vitality, you determine all properties of an adjacent magic item within view. You don't need to touch it.
*Pathfinder Training: +2 Dungeoneering, History, Literacy, Nature, and Survival
*Trusty Weapon: Shotgun (+1 Attack, +2 Damage)
*Bear’s Endurance: +5 Endurance. +5 to resist attacks that cause fatigue or exhaustion. Can sleep in armor without becoming fatigued.
*Linguist: Elven, Celestial, Infernal
*Piloting: +5 Piloting, +10 once per day.
*Trap Sense: +5 Reflex vs traps.

*Explorer Skills: +2 Dungeoneering, Endurance, Nature, Perception, Pilot
*Resist Energy(M): For 5 minutes, you or a touched ally enjoy +10 DR against 1 energy type, or +2 bonus versus all energy types. Costs 1 vitality.

Born in the dwarven enclaves of the Ural Mountains in the Russian Empire, Moradin was a bright child, curious and adventurous. His initial training was at the Imperial Academy in St. Petersberg. His interest in dwarven settlements outside the Russian Empire led him to the Royal Academy in Londinium to complete his training and led to his eventual recruitment by the Order of Shadows.

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First Post

NAME: Trebuchet
RACE: Warmech
CLASS/LEVEL: Mageblade 2
SENSES: Normal
LANGUAGES: Common, Mechan
SPEED: 30ft
ATTACK: 1d20+5
WEAPON: As needed
DAMAGE: As weapon
ARMOR: Warmech chassis; DR: +3
STR 15 (+2), CON 14 (+2), DEX 15 (+2), INT 16 (+3), WIS 11 (+0), CHA 7 (-2)

Acrobatics (Dex) +4
Appraise (Int) +3
Arcane (Int) +12
Athletics (Str) +4
Bluff (Cha) +3
Craft (Int) +3Diplomacy (Cha) -2
Disguise (Cha) -2
Dungeoneering (Int) +5
Endurance (Con) +7
Handle Animals (Wis) +0
Heal (Wis) +0
History (Int) +5
Insight (Wis) -5
Intimidate (Str) +2
Literacy (Int) +3
Mechanics (Dex) +12
Music (Cha) -2
Nature (Int) +5
Nobility (Cha) -2
Perception (Wis) +5
Pilot (Dex) +2
Religion (Wis) +2
Stealth (Dex) +4
Streetwise (Cha) +0
Survival (Wis) +0
Trick (Dex) +2
Warcraft (Int) +7

AGE: 2
THEME: Hunter
- ID papers, 2gp
- Travel papers, 2sp
- Backpack, 2gp
- 2 Belt Pouches, 2gp
- 2 Sunrods, 4gp
- Tindertwig, 1gp
- 50' silk rope, 10gp
- 2 pitons, 2sp
- Grapple, 1gp
- Manacles, 15gp

COIN:212gp 6sp
- High Endurance (+5 Endurance checks, +5 resist fatigue, sleep in armor w/no penalty)
- Immortal Build (Does not age, breathe, eat or sleep)
- Inhuman (-5 Insight, +5 Bluff)
- Lightning Rod (-5 penalty to save vs electricity)
- Resist Healing (No healing on rest, 1/2 healing from magic)
- Sink Like A Stone (-5 Athletics/Acrobatics in water)
- Stabilize (Automatically stabilize at negative wounds)
- Tough Chassis (+3 DR naturally, cannot wear armor; can use shield and enchant natural armor)
- Warmech immunity/Sturdy v Poison (Immune to disease, mundane poisons and inhaled gas)
- Warmech Skill (+5 Mechanics checks, 1/day cure Mechanics -15 wounds w/10 min of repairs)
- Can multiclass in Artificer, Fighter or Mage-blade
- Self Repair (+5 Mechanics, +10 1/day)

- Arcane Strike (Any weapon wielded counts as magic; +1 atk, +2 dmg)
- Mageblade Skills (+2 Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Stealth, Warcraft)
- Shield (Swft Act: +2 DR, immune to magic missile; 2 minutes) 1v
- Anti Mage (free atk when adj creature uses magic ability) 1v
- Dusk Blade (conjure any non-MW weapon with cost of 100gp or less; 20 ammo inc)
- Dodge (imm act, negate 1 melee atk on you before die roll) 2v
- Spell Ready (+5 Arcana, Perception)

- Spell Immunity: Shocking Grasp
- Detect Magic User (1 rnd - Learn if 1 creature in 30' has magic, how many/tier, list of 3) 1v

FACTION: The Order of Shadows
- Skill bonuses: +2 Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion, Streetwise, Warcraft
- Raise dead members, 2200gp
- Train 1 basic ability from any class, 2000gp
- 10% discount on magic items



[sblock=Background]Eli grew up on his father's ranch in central Texas. His father fought in the Texas War for Independence, settling down in the Hill Country of Central Texas after the war and marrying a Native American (who are Atlan). For the first fifteen years of his life, Eli worked the Ranch, helping his father keep it running. It appeared at first that he would take after his father and just be human, but on his fifteenth birthday, his latent Atlan Psionic abilities manifested. He'd snuck into town to watch a hanging, even though his father had forbidden it. When his Psionic abilities manifested, his mind linked with the criminal at the moment of his death. He literally felt the man's last thoughts.

Instead of traumatizing him, as it would most people, this experience actually freed Eli from the fear of death, both his own or others. He saw something when he was linked to that condemned man. Something he refuses to share with anyone, but it gave him a lightness of spirit and a rather dark sense of humor.

From that point forward, Eli strove to be the best he could be. He lied about his age to join the Texas Army at sixteen, and by 20 he was admitted into the Texas Rangers, an elite group whose main job was to track down wanted men and bring them to justice, sometimes on the spot. He was one of the few non Warmechs to be admitted to that group. To make sure he was able to keep up, he was trained in the use of Battle Armor, which he conceals under his duster and stetson hat.

After seven years of service training as a gunslinger and developing his Psionic abilities, he was informed his next assignment was to be on loan to the British Empire as part of a cooperative program to increase the ties between both nations. Texas managed to negotiate a few of their own into the Order of Shadows, and Eli was one of the chosen few. His loyalty would ultimately be to Texas, but he was to serve the Empire with as much fervor as he'd served his own beloved nation.

Eli couldn't say he was happy about the move. After all, England was a dreary place from all accounts, but he didn't complain. At least, not where his superiors could overhear. There was a bar in downtown Austin that might have had an extra bar fight or two that night, but Eli wouldn't know anything about that. His black eye was from falling and hitting the doorknob.

[sblock=Stats]NAME: Elijah "Eli" Z. McCoy
RACE: Atlan
CLASS/LEVEL: Psionic Gunslinger/2
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
SENSES: Normal
LANGUAGES: Common, Aquan. Sylvan
SPEED: 30ft
ATTACK: d20+ 2 (+3 with firearms)(+4 with Psionic attacks)
WEAPON: Army Revolver, Battle Suit Punch
DAMAGE: 2d8 +2 (+2 with firearms); 1d4+2 (2d4+2 if expending 1 ep).
ARMOR: Light Battle Armor; DR: 4 (5 against energy attacks)
STR 9 (-1), CON 11 (+0), DEX 15 (+2), INT 13 (+1), WIS 18 (+4), CHA 14 (+2)

PRIME ATTRIBUTE: Wisdom/Dexterity

SKILLS +4 Acrobatics (Dex), +1 Appraise (Int), +1 Arcane (Int), +1 Athletics (Str) (+4 when under water), +4 Bluff (Cha), +1 Craft (Int), +2 Diplomacy (Cha), +2 Disguise (Cha), +1 Dungeoneering (Int), +2 Endurance (Con), +4 Handle Animals (Wis), +6 Heal (Wis), +1 History (Int), +8 Insight (Wis), -1 Intimidate (Str), +1 Literacy (Int), +4 Mechanics (Dex), +2 Music (Cha), +3 Nature (Int), +2 Nobility (Cha), +6 Perception (Wis), +2 Pilot (Dex), +4 Religion (Wis), +2 Stealth (Dex), +2 Streetwise (Cha), +4 Survival (Wis), +4 Trick (Dex), +1 Warcraft (Int)
MULTICLASS OPTION: Elementalist, Psion, or Shifter
THEME: Commando

EQUIPMENT: Light Battle Suit, Army Revolver, Basic Pack, 3 extra Tiny batteries (for the Battle suit)
COIN: 182

Breathe Water: You can breathe in water as easily as in air for up to 4 hours + 1 hour per level per day. You can use the hours nonconsecutively.

Low-Light Vision: You see 2x as far as a human in moon- light, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination as well as underwater. You can distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Speak With Aquatic Animals: You can ask basic questions and receive answers from aquatic animals such as dolphins, kraken, and sharks. The animals are not necessarily cooperative or knowledgeable. A friendly animal will perform a single small favor such as tug on a rope or scout a nearby grotto on a successful DC 15 Handle Animal check.

Extended Mindlink: This improves Mindlink to work for 4 hours + 1 hour per level.

Latent Ability: You unlock unconscious lore and now know 1 basic ability for which you qualify from the elementalist, psion or shifter class. (Sense Link:You establish a perceptual bond with a touched or mindlinked ally for 5 minutes. Each round, you see and hear through the ally’s eyes and ears as if you were in his place. You are defenseless while using this ability. Once the bond forms, it persists out to any distance. You can end the bond as a swift action and can only maintain 1 bond at a time. Costs 1 vitality. )


Firearms Focus: Apply a +1 bonus on attacks and +2 damage when using firearms.

Gunslinger Skills: Apply a +2 bonus on Acrobatics, Heal, Mechanics, Perception, and Trick checks.

Personal Firearms: You gain 150 gp worth of firearms and ammunition. Also, select 1 gun as a personal weapon. Anyone but you must pass a DC 20 Mechanics check to fire it. If you lose it, you can spend 1 hour to personalize another gun. You are limited to 1 personal weapon at a time.

Rapid Fire: You may make 2 attacks with the same firearm in rapid succession as a standard action. Alternatively, you can fire 2 Light firearms, 1 in each hand, as a standard action. You may direct attacks to the same foe or different foes. Apply a -2 penalty on both attack rolls.

Mindlink: You form a telepathic
bond for 5 minutes with a sentient ally
within 30 ft. Once formed, the bond works like
normal speech, both ways, and over any distance. You can have 1 bond at a time.

Mind ThrustM: One sentient foe within 30 ft suffers 1d6 psy- chic damage per 2 levels (max 5d6), or 1⁄2 damage if Will resists. Costs 1 vitality.

Psychic Training: Boost Bluff, Endurance, and Insight checks by +2. Also, apply a +2 bonus on Will to resist magic abilities.


Custom Battle Suit: You acquire a Light battle suit (page 178). It is perfectly custom-fitted to you and can be sold for parts for only 1,000 gp.

Electrotech: You study invisible mundane forces of nature (called immateria) such as electrics, kinetics, nucleonics, optics, and sonics. You can make checks using the Technics skill (page 177) and enjoy a +2 bonus on Mechanics and Technics checks.[/sblock]
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'Lane'- apprentice psychic detective

"Lane" is a street/underworld investigator with an occult twist- she can sense spirits and other unnatural phenomena, and she was trained by her mother in basic arcane matters. More recently, she has begun to display other 'gifts', mostly related to her senses. (In totally non-mechanical terms, Lane has a bit of uncontrolled precognition- at this point it is nothing she can use intentionally, but it can be used a plot device if the GM wants. In the future, she will likely MC Psion, focused in the appropriate talents. In fact, it is VERY likely that adventuring with another psion will be the trigger for her own powers).

The young woman known only as Lane is a bit of an enigma, even by the standards of the mysterious Order of shadows. She first came to the Order's notice about a year ago, when a team of agents were pursuing a terrifying shapeless beast through the slums of the East End. The team had lost the trail, only to be accosted by a raggedly-dressed young woman who announced that she was there to help. With her assistance, they managed to track the beast down, and to eliminate it- but that was, it seems, only the beginning. For the next few months, whenever the Order sent a team into the "Bad Parts" of Londinium, they ended up running into Lane, most often sooner rather than later- and she cheerfully offered to "help" them with their investigations. Attempts to find her on her own, or to find out anything meaningful about her, typically failed. After two months, the Order had managed to discover that Lane was known locally as "that Gyptian girl" (for her tawny skin and exotic mannerisms), and that she was the daughter of a local herb-witch and spiritualist who had died about a year previously. About a month ago, Lane appeared on the doorstep of the Order's chapterhouse- well outside her normal range. After a dance of social niceties, Lane was admitted to the Order on a probationary basis- when asked why she had changed her mind, her only response was "You are going to need me. And I am going to need you."

The truth of Lane's story has a few grains of hard truth hidden in it- even Lane herself doesn't know much more, and her abilities have not yet provided any further answers. She knows that her mother was, indeed, from the River Kingdoms of Egypt- and that she fled that land after some unknown trangression against the Hierian rulers. With her own abilities, she set up shop among the immigrant-filled slums of Londinium- where she spent the rest of her life plagued by delusion and paranoia- Lane was "raised", for lack of a better word, mostly on the streets, but her own gifts made her into something rather unlike a typical street urchin.

NAME: "Lane"
RACE: Human (possibly some Rakasha blood?)
ALIGNMENT: CG (tending CN)
SENSES: Low-light vision
SPEED: 30ft
ATTACK: d20+ (special)
STR 9 (+-1),
CON 13 (+1),
DEX 15 (+2),
INT 11 (+0),
WIS 18 (+4),
CHA 14 (+2)


[sblock= Skills]
+4 Acrobatics (Dex),
+0 Appraise (Int),
+7 Arcane (Int),
-1 Athletics (Str),
+4 Bluff (Cha),
+0 Craft (Int),
+2 Diplomacy (Cha),
+2 Disguise (Cha),
+2 Dungeoneering (Int),
+6 Endurance (Con),
+4 Handle Animals (Wis),
+4 Heal (Wis),
+2 History (Int),
+11 Insight (Wis),
-1 Intimidate (Str),
+3 Literacy (Int),
+2 Mechanics (Dex),
+2 Music (Cha),
+9 Nature (Int),
+2 Nobility (Cha),
+14 Perception (Wis),
+2 Pilot (Dex),
+8 Religion (Wis),
+9 Stealth (Dex),
+11 Streetwise (Cha)(+16 to track someone in an urban setting)
+6 Survival (Wis),
+9 Trick (Dex),
+2 Warcraft (Int)
MULTICLASS OPTION: None yet (Psion?)
DEITY: None (Esmariah or Voktra perhaps, but also Bast)
THEME: Dilettante
-Adaptable (1 extra minor boon from theme)
-Heroic mien
-Quick learner (+5 with one skill- Endurance)
+Street rat

-Shamanic lore
-Spirit guide
-Spirit pounce
+Detect spirits
+Keen senses

>MINOR BOONS (Theme= Dilettante):
-Cross training- Ranger (Feral senses)
-Cross training- Sage (Arcane training)
+(Bonus, from Adaptable)- Cross training- Rogue (Thievery)
+(Bonus, from Questor)- Cross training- Rogue (Urban tracker)

[sblock= Tracking]
-Base money: 50 gp (25 gp x2)
-Bonus: first month salary: +50 gp
-Current cash: 100 gp -gear TBD

-Wounds: 0 (of 8)
-Vitality: 18 (5 base +4 WIS, x2); USED 2 (as of 3/16/17)

-Notes: none

[sblock= Equipment]
-Leather shirt (DR 1)
-20 rounds ammunition
-Dagger (ritual)
-Halfings knife
-Crystal focus (psion)
-Travelers outfit (worn)
-belt pouch x2
-Wooden holy symbol x2 (Ankh, cat fetish)
-signal whistle (police whistle)
-7gp, 12sp, 10cp

-Satchel (backpack), contains:
-flint and steel
-sunrod x2
-small glass vial (x5, in separate pouch)
-sewing needle
-candle x2
-chalk x5 (assorted colors)

+At home: Peasant oufit x2, travelers outfit x3, explorers outfit, ID papers, candle x3, 20gp (savings)
+Saving up for: Silkweave armor, army revolver
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The gods had forsaken Grynm before he was even born, his mother was heretic and binding the deities power while he was still in the womb. He was born cursed, cut off from the gods and he watched as the world burned around him. Death was so commonplace around him that death was nothing abnormal. His mother taught him to bind the deities the same way, to turn their power against the mosters that destroyed their lives and the lives around them. When his mother perished before his eyes, it was the first death that ever truly phased him.

He was still a fledgling in power at that time, he wasn't able to do anything as the undead beasts ripped his mother apart. He fled and was eventually found by a swordsman who guided him back to civilization where he would be somewhat safe. As the traveled, Grynm demonstrated a knack for the sword and his binding gave him a natural aptitude for the use of arcane magic. After giving it some thought, the swordsman introduced himself as Fawrin and offered to teach Grynm to protect himself.

Grynm took to the training quite well and apprenticed to the Fawrin for several years, but Fawrin noticed a dark quality to Grynm's abilities. A quality that pulled at death, toyed with it even, but Grynm could never in his wildest imagination bring himself to create or utilize undead. They had ripped his mother to pieces and consumed her flesh, he despised the undead. Fawrin began to see the tell-tell signs of death magic, and he quickly realized that something would have to be done about Grynm before he fully fell to that dark magic.

Fawrin didn't realize he was training a heretic, Grynm didn't truly understand the implications of his pact magic. When Fawrin turned on Grynm, hoping to avoid his apprentice becoming a blight, Grynm defended himself. A shadowy scythe that parried Fawrin's blow, a surge of necrotic power that hexed Fawrin. Even as mighty a swordsman as Fawrin was quickly bested by Grynm... but Grynm didn't end him there. He left Fawrin to his fate, and went on his own way, doing what he believed was necessary to make the world a safer place, no matter the cost.

Wandering the world on his own, he carved a niche for himself as a expert on the Occult, and in reality with his knowledge and ability, it was not a far stretch from the truth. He used his knowledge and ability to shut down many minor threats, making a small name for himself in London before he received the invitation to join the Order of Shadows.

NAME: Grynm Ulk
RACE: Human
CLASS/LEVEL: Mageblade 2/level
LANGUAGES: Common, Draconic, Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling
SPEED: 30ft
ATTACK: d20+5 (special)
WEAPON: Scythe (+6)
DAMAGE: 2d4+5
ARMOR: Scalemail; DR: 4 (Shield makes 6)
STR 15 (+2), CON 13 (+1), DEX 9 (-1), INT 18 (+4), WIS 11 (+0), CHA 14 (+2)
SKILLS Acrobatics (Dex) +1, Appraise (Int) +4, Arcane (Int) +16, Athletics (Str) +4, Bluff (Cha) +2, Craft (Int) +4, Diplomacy (Cha) +2, Disguise (Cha) +2, Dungeoneering (Int) +6, Endurance (Con) +1, Handle Animals (Wis) +0, Heal (Wis) +0, History (Int) +6, Insight (Wis) +0, Intimidate (Str) +2, Literacy (Int) +7, Mechanics (Dex) -1, Music (Cha) +2, Nature (Int) +6, Nobility (Cha) +2, Perception (Wis) +0, Pilot (Dex) -1, Religion (Wis) +7, Stealth (Dex) +1, Streetwise (Cha) +4, Survival (Wis) +0, Trick (Dex) -1, Warcraft (Int) +8
THEME: Heretic
EQUIPMENT: Scalemail, standard ID papers, traveling papers, 2 days trail rations, a full waterskin, a backpack with a bedroll, a wooden holy symbol, 2 empty belt pouches (for coins), a sunrod (to light the way for up to 6 hours), and a tindertwig (to start camp fires).
COIN: 187
Adaptable (+1 racial, class, or minor award)
Heroic Mien (1/day, reroll single d20 roll, keep new result even if worst)
Quick Learner (+5 bonus to 1 skill, religion)
Skill Focus (+5 bonus to 1 skill, +10 bonus 1/day, arcana)
Questor (Gain 1 additional minor award of my choice)

Arcane Strike (+1 attack and +2 damage with any weapon wielded);
Mageblade Skills (+2 Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Stealth, and Warcraft);
Shield (Swift action, +2DR and immunity to magic missile, 2 minutes, 1 vitality)
Dusk Blade (Conjure non-masterwork weapon under 100gp)
Vicious Strike (Take 1d6 damage to inflict +2d6 pain damage with strike)
Arcane Training (+3 Arcana and Literacy, read magic scrolls, speak draconic)
Spell Secret (Learn 1 ability from any class, Death Knell)
Death Knell (0 or less wound creature, will or die, if it dies I regain 1d4 wound points and gain _1 to next d20 roll, 1 vitality)

Seal Minor Pact (Trade up to 5 points of class abilities for 5 points of divine boons from a specific deity, Phane)
Heretical Lore (Nefriti, Maurob, Rorax)
Basic Occult Power (Phane: Bane’s Hex)
Suppress Physical Sign (Show or hide physical sign of pact as swift action)

Order Basic Training (+2 Arcane, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion, Streetwise, Warcraft)
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Mechanite (lvl 2)
Mechanites have the following statistics…
Type: Construct
Size: Small
Alignment: Usually lawful evil
Arcane DC 14
Senses: Darkvision, low-light vision
Perception +4; Stealth +18
Languages: Common and Mechan
Initiative +6
Speed 30 ft; Climb 30 ft
Attack: d20+7
Weapons: Stinger (1d4) or spike (1d4+1, 30 ft)
Damage +0
Armor: Platemail chassis; DR 5
Wounds: 5
Vitality: 14
Fortitude 16, Reflex 19, Will 15
Special: Construct Traits – Immune to disease and poison; suffer 2x damage from electrical and psychic attacks
Str 6, Con 16, Dex 22, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 4
Prime: Dexterity and Intelligence
Skills: Acrobatics +16, Appraise +10, Arcana +10, Craft +10, Diplomacy -8, Insight -6, Mechanics +16 (+21 using a toolkit or laboratory), Pilot +4, Warcraft +10
Treasure: One 200 gp gem (embedded into brain, must be 'dug' out to retrieve)

Base Abilities: Mechanites have the following abilities…
*Construct Traits: A mechanite does not bleed and is immune to disease, nausea, and poison. It does not need to breathe, eat or sleep and enjoys a +5 bonus on Endurance checks. It must sleep (power-down) to regain vitality. It is immortal and cannot be raised from death if slain. It gains only ½ the benefit of cure spells. However, once daily, it may attempt a DC 15 Mechanics check to regain a number of wound points equal to the check result minus 15.
*Make Wholeᴹ: As Mending (below), but completely repairs 1 mundane object of up to 10 cubic ft per level regardless of damage so long as at least 75% of the original material is present. Body parts mend into a whole corpse. This ability reattaches a construct’s severed limbs and can mend a broken magic item at a cost equal to ¼ the item’s original creation cost. Costs 2 vitality.
*Messageᴹ: A mechanite can whisper a message that is clearly audible to 1 target within 90 ft. Typically, it whispers in Mechan to its own kind. It does not need to have line of sight, only line of effect.
*Mendingᴹ: A mechanite’s touch repairs minor breaks and tears in an unattended mundane object up to 5 pounds in weight or 2 square ft in size, whichever is greater. This ability does not affect creatures.
*Scatter Sprayᴹ: The mechanite conjures a mass of sharp baubles that fly from its mouth to slice and bruise creatures in a 15-ft cone. Targets suffer 1d4 damage per 2 levels (max 5d4), or ½ damage when Reflex resists. Costs 1 vitality.

Flesh Constructs (lvl 3)

Flesh Constructs have the following statistics…
Type: Undead
Size: Medium
Alignment: Usually neutral evil
Arcane, Dungeoneering or Religion DC 18
Vision: Darkvision, bloodscent
Perception +0; Stealth -1
Languages: understands Common
Initiative: -6
Speed: 20 ft
Attack: d20+5 (+10 grapple)
Weapons: Bite (1d6) or Slam (1d6 + stun) or Power Punch (1d8+2)
Damage: +4
Armor: light mechanical plating; DR 3 (5 vs cold and electrical damage)
Wounds: 8
Vitality: 14
Fortitude 17, Reflex 10, Will 18
Special: Undead Traits – suffers ½ damage from bludgeoning and piercing weapon damage
Str 19, Con 10, Dex 9, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 1
Prime: Strength and Constitution
Skill: Athletics +12, Endurance +5
Treasure: None

Base Abilities: flesh constructs have the following abilities...
*Bloodscent: A flesh constructs can detect bloodied creatures within 30ft by sense of smell. A bloodied creature is below full wound points. If a creature is upwind, the range increases to 60 ft. If it is downwind, the range is 15 ft.
*Extract Brain: A flesh constructs can extract the brain of an adjacent stunned foe and devour the brain as a move action. Extracting a creature’s brain kills it and grants the mecha-zombie +1d12 vitality. A victim whose brain is extracted but not eaten can be returned from death using Raise Dead. Otherwise, only Miracle or Wish restores the victim to life.
*Improved Grapple: The flesh constructs grapples an adjacent foe up to 1 size larger than itself when it beats the foe’s Fortitude and has 1 hand free. Apply a +5 bonus to initiate or resist grappling. A grappled creature cannot move and can only use a Light melee weapon already in hand. Each round, the mecha-zombie must expend a move action to maintain the grapple, and the foe can try to beat the flesh construct’s Fortitude as a standard action to break the grapple. If the zombie desires, it can block a grappled foe’s mouth to prevent speech.
*Limb From Limb: When a flesh constructs targets an adjacent dazed or stunned foe and beats its Fortitude, it inflicts 2d6 wound damage as it severs 1 of its foe’s limbs (1d4: 1 is right arm, 2 is left arm, 3 is right leg, 4 is left leg). A severed limb can be reattached or regrown using Heal or Regenerate.
*Speed Penalty: Flesh constructs are very slow. A flesh construct can take a standard action or a move action each turn but it cannot do both, nor can it move 2x in a turn or use immediate actions.
*Power Fist: A flesh constructs can use a power-infused fist attack that deals extra damage. Treat as Electronical. Costs 2 vitality.
*Stunning Fist: When a flesh constructs succeeds on its slam attack, it may cause extra harm as a swift action. The struck target must resist using Fortitude or be stunned for 1d4+1 rounds. Costs 2 vitality.
*Undead Traits: A flesh constructs is immune to all ailments including disease and poison. It need not breathe, eat or sleep and enjoys a +5 bonus on Endurance checks. It regains wound points from necrotic energy, regains no wound points from rest, and is harmed by holy and cure energy on a point-for-point basis. It is immortal and cannot be raised from death if slain.

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