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Pathfinder 1E [Raging Swan Press] Free Sample Wednesday 25/6


As always, this week Raging Swan Press has released free samples for upcoming releases. This week, it's GM's Miscellany: Urban Dressing and Village Backdrop: Hjalward. And, if you are interested in Urban Dressing head on over to Creighton's blog where he's posting a week-long series of urban-focused advice articles. I hope you find something interesting and that it enhances your game.

GM's Miscellany: Urban Dressing
Tired of your towns and cities being boring, bland places in which your PCs show little or no interest? Want to bring your towns and cities alive with cool, interesting minor features of note? Then GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing is for you! Presenting tons of cool, interesting features for common urban fixture such as shops, stalls, thieves and so on GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing provides the harried GM the tools to bring such features to life with interesting and noteworthy features.
GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing presents the material originally appearing in:

Barroom Brawls
Dragon and the Thief
Random Urban Encounters
So What’s It Called, Anyway?
So What’s For Sale, Anyway?
So What’s For Sale, Anyway? II
So What’s The Tavern Like, Anyway?
So What’s The Tavern Like, Anyway? II
Urban Dressing: Alleyways
Urban Dressing: Docks
Urban Dressing: Graveyards
Urban Dressing: Guildhalls
Urban Dressing: Market Stalls
Urban Dressing: Parks
Urban Dressing: Pirate Town
Urban Dressing: Sages
Urban Dressing: Shrines
Urban Dressing: Temples
Urban Dressing: Theatres
Urban Dressing: Thieves
Urban Dressing: The Watch
Urban Dressing: Traders & Craftsmen
New Material: More exciting encounters, as well as comprehensive details on monuments, ruined buildings and wizard’s towers

Grab the free sample.

Village Backdrop: Hjalward
A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM’s Resource by Robert Brookes

Ringed by a timber palisade, the village of Hjalward comprises wooden lodges and cabins built atop snow-covered hills in the shadow of ancient, giant-crafted architecture of a fallen elder kingdom. Looming over Hjalward like a tombstone, a crumbling stone wall fully 200 ft. high and 60 ft. thick and a yet higher sky-scraping tower remind the residents of this mining community of the follies of past civilizations, and that in time all empires crumble. Nearby deposits of iron, silver and lead draw desperate or avaricious miners to this cold, hard place while legends of lost giant treasure ensure a steady trickle of adventurers make the long, perilous journey to Hjalward.

Village Backdrops are short, richly detailed supplements that each present a single village ready to insert into almost any home campaign. Perfect for use as a waystop on the road to adventure, as an adventure site themselves or as a PC’s home, Village Backdrop present the details so the busy GM can focus on crafting exciting, compelling adventures.

Grab the free sample.

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