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Pathfinder 1E [Raging Swan Press] Free Sample Wednesday 30/04


It's Wednesday, and that means Raging Swan Press has got free samples for this week's and next week's releases. If you need a pirate village or cool details for your dungeon's entrance, read on!

Village Backdrop: Refuge
A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM’s Resource by Greg Marks

An uncharted atoll, the secret isle of Refuge is a haven for pirates and cutthroats. Its laws are few: pay your due to the Buccaneer King, every Captain gets one vote and do not cheat or kill your fellow pirates. Without witnesses, that last one is more of a guideline. Life here is short, brutal and filled with golden opportunity for those willing to seize it at the point of a sword. While discontent at the Buccaneer King’s rule grows in the hearts of the other captains, rumours swirl of spies working for the pirates’ many victims lurking on the atoll. And finally something terrible is stalking and killing drunken pirates and the children of the Maze. Surely, bloody war and ruin will soon be visited upon Refuge.

Village Backdrops are short, richly detailed supplements that each present a single village ready to insert into almost any home campaign. Perfect for use as a waystop on the road to adventure, as an adventure site themselves or as a PC’s home, Village Backdrop present the details so the busy GM can focus on crafting exciting, compelling adventures.

Grab the free sample!

Dungeon Dressing: Dungeon Entrances
A Pathfinder Roleplaying Compatible GM's Resource by Greg Marks
Tired of dungeons lacking in verisimilitude? Want to add cool little features of interest to your creations but don't have the time to come up with nonessential details? Want to make your dungeons feel more realistic?

Then Dungeon Dressing is for you! Each instalment in the line focuses on a different common dungeon fixture such as stairs, pillars or pools and gives the harried GM the tools to bring such features to life with interesting and cool noteworthy features.

This instalment of Dungeon Dressing presents loads of great features to add to your dungeon’s entrance. Designed to be used both during preparation or actual play, Dungeon Dressing: Dungeon Entrances is an invaluable addition to any GM's armoury!

Dungeon Dressing: Dungeon Entrances presents:

 General information about a dungeon’s entrance.
 One table providing detailed descriptions an entrance’s characteristics.
 One table presenting additional entrance features such as hidden compartments, fungal growths, discarded equipment and more!
 Three clever entrance-based traps (CRs 3-7).

Grab the free sample!

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