Raiding House Cannith


First Post
The Eye showed the Prophet a hidden laboratory deep in the cogs, where the Hand of the Forgotten One was strapped into an eldritch machine. It was snatching souls from the afterlife and putting them in warforged (walking jars!).
So naturally the band went in search of said hidden laboratory.
It was hidden inside the Cannith forge in the Cogs. A couple PCs hired on as day labor, in order to scope the place out. Zoul the drow found a complex of abandoned tunnels that came close to the forge, allowing the rest of the group to get close. Eventually the laborers (with the help of the Eye's 3rd eye power) find the secret door, but it can only be unlocked with the Cannith Mark of Making. So naturally they club the night supervisor over the head and drag his body to the door and pop it open.
The group sneaks thru the secret complex, using the memories of the Eye's original vision, and finds the eldritch machine and its guards. A hasty beatdown ensues, the group loots the secret lab of magic tools, magic residuum, ritual books and oh yeah! the Hand. Upon which the loudspeaker announces a security breach, the Guards and Wards spell goes off, strike teams are dispatched, and the group gets lost in the corridors.
After defeating a strike team, the teleport ring Zoras got from the Bride of Sharn charges up, and the group teleports to the docks of Sharn. After discussing things with the Bride (and returning her ring), the group decides to sail off for Droaam to ride out the House Cannith wrath.

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