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Random World!!!

Rafael Martin

What is Random World? Basically, each week (maybe more often) I will randomly pick six words, a number and a phrase. Then I will use that randomness to create a place on a fantasy world. As I start this I am picturing a place in the center of a large continent on a world similar to Earth. I have to start somewhere. In some parts I have written (insert name here) because I have no idea what to call that particular item yet.

Why am I posting it on here? I have three reasons. First, it puts some enjoyment into my life. This is fun. Second, I hope to get some positive feedback from this project. I am sure there will also be some negative (or neutral) feedback too, but that’s okay. Third, Cthulhu demands it. Here we go!

Random Words: Background, compose, ignorance, equip, rhythm, grandmother
Random Number 1-100: 78
Random phrase: Ring Any Bells?

Background-something is in the background of this place. According to the faith of this land all reality is held together by music. The Rhythm of Reality itself is music according to their faith. It could also mean someone is in the background waiting to do something dramatic.

Compose-like music is composed so it’s important here. Bards write songs like books, which are like ballads. Also, music is a form of currency. Items can cost a certain amount of songs.

Ignorance-something or someone is ignorant about something very important. Don’t know who or what yet. It could be the leader of this land is ignorant of a threat to her people.

Equip-someone has to be equipped to do something. Perhaps it’s an ancient musical instrument that has been unearthed. A young bard could have been equipped with a magical, musical instrument that will change this nation. See the Lute of Lyra.

Rhythm-music and dance is very important there. The Rhythm is also a religious idea for them. Music is primary, but dance goes along with it. There is even a debate or fight between musicians and dancers.

Grandmother- it’s a Matriarchal society and the Diva is both a religious and secular leader. Leadership of this nation has always been by women, but the control of the military has always been run by men. The leader of the military is always defers to the Diva in political/religious matters, but during wartime she does not interfere with his militaristic decisions.

Name of place: I am liking the word Ballad, due to the music and rhythm, so I can adjust it to Balladra for the nation name. As far as a language I am seeing the Balladrians with a tongue similar to Spanish, which would have to be called Balladrian here. The capital city is named Canción, and it lies near the center of this land.

Ring any bells? I see this phrase having something to do with a tradition in Balladra. The ringing of the bells is like clock. Each hour is announced by the ringing of a real bell. The first hour is one bell, the second hour is two bells and so on. This is done all throughout the land, so no matter where you are in Balladra you will hear the bells and know what time it is.

Religion: They worship music itself, and she is also called the Mistress of Music. This goddess also encompasses other forms of expression like dancing, acting, art and many others. I am hesitant to name her, because while I have ideas for names I am just not seeing it at this time. But her name is most likely Melodi. For now, I know the Diva would be her High Priestess in Balladra and under her are many other clerics like Cantors, Warblers, Intoners, and many others. Services devoted to the Goddess of Song are all in music except for the end when the cleric asks for donations.

The Lute of Lyra: it is a powerful, musical artifact that was once welded by Lyra, who is a legendary figure in Balladrian history. She was one of the founders of Balladra, and one of the heroes of the (Insert Name War. She was a devoted follower of the Goddess of Song, and she favored Lyra by granted her lute special powers. I don’t know what they are now, but what I do see is the lute enhances a bard’s ability to inspire their companions or strike fear into their enemies. According to one account Lyra was able to frighten off an entire army just by playing one song.


Gloria Garcia is the Diva of Balladra, and she is Half-Elven (and I chose this race because is the closet one available for now). She has been Diva for 78 years, which is considered a long reign. Her Fey blood has kept her looking young, but at the age of 113 time is catching up with her. There has been some talk of her choosing to retire, but for now she does not want to. Gloria has felt a disturbance in the Rhythm, and she feels she needs to remain in power to protect Balladra. She is in love with Rafael Martinez, but she realizes that she has to keep that a secret.

Roberto Martinez is the Grand Minstrel of the military, and he is a 50 year old Human. In the 10 years that he has held his present position he has lead battles against Balladra’s aggressive, northern neighbor (which we will look at next) and against a rebellious province that tried to rebel against the Diva. He has also had to keep secret an intimate relationship he has had with the Diva for the past 5 years. In truth it is more of an open secret, but there are those in Balladra who would consider this relationship to be scandalous.

Carlos Ramos is a 45 year old Human Troubadour from the province of Jaleo that tried to rebel against Balladra. A troubadour is a type of bard who likes to use music and words to cause change or trouble. The rebellion was put down by the military forces led by Grand Minstrel Martinez, and he was jailed for treason. He was sentenced to life in prison, but after 5 years he was released by the High Choir (like the US Supreme Court) for good behavior. He has supporters all across the nation who spoke on his behalf. Ramos believes that the rule of the Diva is unjust, because he wants government to be separate from religion. He is also against the matriarchal rule of the nation, but he keeps those views private.

Size: I wanted Balladra to be a medium sized nation in the middle of a large continent. I decided to compare it to France, which is okay by me. So, Balladra is 600 miles north to south and 590 miles east to west, which gives it an area of 354,000 square miles. Now I have a baseline of a medium nation here on (insert name of this world).

Climate: I decided to make this place a dry, temperate grassland, because most dry grasslands are in the middle of continents. I am basing Balladra on Eurasian steppes; it has hot summers, cold winters, and little rainfall, so very few trees can grow there. It has a lot of farms and ranch-lands, and I image that having access to fresh water is a challenge. Since this is a fantasy world there has to be both magical and divine ways for the people there to obtain the fresh water they need. I can image Cantors signing scared songs for rain or from water to spring from the ground.

That is it for this week. This is by no means a finished land, but it is a start and that is good. As I add more places it will add more history, religion, deities, people, and world shattering artifacts. Eventually there will be a crudely drawn map too. All right, now I will roll for the direction we will head to next week. Here are my choices:
I rolled a…2! I will head to the Northeast to create a new land, geographic region or something completely different. See you next time!
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Rafael Martin

Hello! This is my second foray into the Random World, and last time I knew I was headed to the northeast. Okay let’s get random!

Random words: village, man, trade, resolution, product, and line.
Random number 1-100: 32.
Random phrase: A Dime a Dozen.

Village-this land is made up of villages, so it suggests it is small in size. There could be one big city where most of the trade takes place.
Man-unlike Balladra this is a patriarchal and men have the leadership roles.
Trade- trading items and goods is their entire economy. Traders and merchants control the economy and government.
Resolution-it is like the Magna Carta. The Resolution was passed long ago that guaranteed the Händlers rights to buy and sell whatever they wanted without government interference. Here I assume that this document was created after the previous rulers were overthrown.
Product-there are a lot of products to sell and buy there. Anything, and anyone, can be bought and sold there. Merchants, called Händlers, control the government.
Line-Is there a line that can’t be crossed? What is The Line? You can buy and sell anything you want, but you have to pay a 10% tax on the total amount of goods you sell in a year. If you fail to do that you will be punished by the Accounters. They are fearsome creatures who will get the money you owe to the high merchants in charge.

The #32 denotes the number of members on the Händler’s Council. There is a Zuerst Merchant who manages the council and only votes in the case of a tie.

A Dime a Dozen: This phrase suggests to me money, obviously, so maybe this is a land where money is very important. The names of monetary units are descended from the (insert name here) Empire that once dominated this continent and they are still used today. The names of the coins are: Copper-sepia, Silver-caneo, Electrum-visio, Gold-aurum, and Platinum-flavis.

Name of place: I am liking the German language for this nation, and the word Handel is the name. To say that someone is a Händler means he or she comes from Handel or they are a merchant of some sort. The capital city is named Hafenstadt, and that is where the Händler’s Council meets.

Religion: Handel is a nation which is dominated by the love of money, and there is a clear separation of church and state. However, that does not mean that religion is not important. The biggest church in Handel is devoted to the acquisition of wealth. The priests of Lucre preach that their god shows his favor by making his worshipers rich. That includes being born into a wealthy family. If you die poor, then Lucre will allow you to be reincarnated so you can try again in another lifetime.

The Accounters: they are like the police, judges, jury and executioners of Handel. They appear as menacing, red robed and hooded men who always appear in groups of three. They have powerful magic that allows them to quickly find, capture and punish individuals who have broken Handel’s financial laws. They like to make examples out of criminals by removing body parts like hands and feet. There is one prison in Handel named the Gefängnis where the most dangerous criminals go to be held in torment.

Konstantin Reinmann is a 60 year old Human and well-known merchant who sits on the Händler’s Council. He is an incredibly wealthy and ruthless trader who has absolute control of his home village of Ortschaft. Konstantin is also a cheater, which is considered the worst possible crime in Handel. He has used dark magic to rip of other traders and hide the evidence from the Accounters.

Graddod Gemcutter is a 175 year old Dwarven trader whose family was born and raised in Handel. He lives in the village of Zwerge, which has the biggest population of Dwarves in the nation. There have been Dwarves living in Handel since its founding, but they are still looked at as being separate from other Händlers. Graddod is particularly angry that despite the financial success of his clan he does not have a seat on the Händler’s Council.

Angelina Delbrück is a 32 year old Human healer from the village of Heilen, and part of a secret society devoted to women’s right in Handel. They are called the Gleichheit Society and their goal is give women equal rights in Handel. Their efforts have been violently opposed in the past, but they continue their work. Not all men there agree with the misogynistic culture of Handel, and there is hope that one the Resolution will be amended to allow women equal rights.

Geography: Handel is separated from Balladra by the Frontera River along its eastern border. It is about half the size of Balladra; it’s a little over 100,000 square miles. Western Handel is mostly dry grasslands, but the east has more temperate forests. They have warm summers and cool winters with year-round rain. They have small farms and ranches, but mostly they trade for food and supplies.

Okay this is good for now. I have two places so far, and I am looking forward to finding out where I am going next. Let’s find my new direction. I roll a 5, which means I am headed to the south. See you next time!
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Rafael Martin

Hi! I rolled a southern direction last time, so let us get random and see where this goes.

Random words: fare, unity, refund, sculpture, rent, certain
Random phrase: Down For the Count.
Random number 1-100: 61

Fare-the price of conveyance or passage in a bus, train, airplane, or other vehicle like a ship! This has to be a port. The fare is for booking passage on a ship across the Senzo Sea, which is a medium sized sea along the southern border.

Refund- the Signari who run the ports refuse to give refunds if the ships take the passengers to a wrong location or provide an unpleasant passage. They also refuse to give refunds for the rents they collect each year.

Rent- a payment made periodically by a tenant to a landlord in return for the use of land, a building, an apartment, an office, or other property. Maybe the term Landlord could be important. Here landlords are called Signori, and they lord over the land.

Unity-What is The Unity? I instantly thought about Unitarianism, which is a Christian theological movement named for its belief that the God in Christianity is one person, as opposed to the Trinity which in many other branches of Christianity defines God as one being in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Perhaps there are Unified Churches there, and they are a religion based on rejecting a larger religion’s beliefs. It does not suggest to me a belief in one god, like the Balladrian’s belief in the Mistress of Music (Melodi) or the Handler’s belief in the God of Wealth (Lucre). Belief in the Unity is a multinational religion and it is big in Patria.

Sculpture- the art of carving, modeling, welding, or otherwise producing figurative or abstract works of art in three dimensions, as in relief, intaglio, or in the round. Maybe statues of long lost heroes? In Patria art is very important, and sculptures are the most popular. The Signori like to have statues of themselves made.

Certain-destined, sure to happen inevitable. Something is destined to happen. Maybe a natural disaster will happen or a creature from the sea will one day attack the city of Dimora, which is the capital of Patria.

Down for the Count! Someone or something that has been defeated, or nearly so. They have been fighting Balladra for 61 months over the rights to the Fronteran River, and the conflict has been called the Fronteran War. The military of Patria has been beaten badly in battle, but the local Signori refuse to concede. The Sovrano is completely clueless about the war and is powerless to stop it.

The name of the nation is Patria, and there the Signori rule their own fiefdoms and they charge the people there a tassa or rent to live there. If they can’t pay they are thrown out. However the Unity Church, or Unitians, stand with the people against the Signori and protest anyone thrown out of their homes. The ruler of Dimora is called the Sovrano (see Namazio Natali), but he has little power over the Signori. He lives in a palace in the capital city of Dimora, and has very little to do with actual governing of his nation.

Sovrana Namazio Natali is a 61 year old Human and the ruler of Patria. He comes from a long line of other Sovranos in his family, and each generation has become less intelligent than the one before. Ministers under him make all of the decisions, and he only shows up for official ceremonies. He is actually good at making speeches and acting like he knows what he is doing.

Haazvod Cestaro is a 32 year old Half-Orc male and the bodyguard of a powerful Signori. He came to Patria from his homeland of (Insert name) to fight in the Frontera War. Due to his large size and skill with fighting he quickly found work. He chose to take the last name of the Signori he was protecting in order to fit in better. It didn’t work. Haazvod does not care who he fights for or protects. He only cares about making money and fighting.

Cristiana La Barbera is an 83 year old Human Cleric in the Unity Church of Patria. She is mainly responsible for making her faith so popular in her land. Cristiana prefers being called Nonna, and she sees herself as the grandmother of Patria. Most of the Signori hate her, because she has actively stopped them from throwing out people who can’t pay their tassa. They have made multiple attempts to assassinate her, but she is protected by her faith through miracles. In the Unity Church the faith of the believers provides the power for miracles.

Ludmeck Blazingrock is a 55 year old Dwarven sculptor who is currently the most popular artist in Patria. He was considered a young, artistic prodigy from his homeland, but he rejected the traditional restraints that Dwarven culture put on him. Once he heard how popular the art of sculpture was in Patria he left his clan and traveled here. Signori pay him very well for is work and he is very much in demand. The secret that he keeps is that he is able to bring life to his sculptures.

Geography: this place is separated from Balladra by the Frontera River along its eastern border just like Handel. The Rand River is the northern border and it flows into the Frontera River, which flows into the Senza Sea. This sea is has a length of 430 miles and a width of 300 miles. It has several, small island chains within it.

That's it for now. I will probably go back and edit some stuff. I spin the random wheel and I roll a 1. I will be headed north. See you next time!


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Rafael Martin

Hello! I am headed north from Patria, so I bypass Handel and my new place is north of there. Let’s see what randomness will bring me.

Random Words: executrix, sodium, bet, minimize, achievement, scandal
Random Phrase: Son of a Gun
Random Number 1-100: 78

Executrix- a female executor of a will. In this land all executioners are females and they use guns.
Sodium-chemical element of atomic # 11, a soft silver-white reactive metal of the alkali metal group. This place has silver mines, so that suggests to me silver mountains and that could be the border between them and Handel.
Bet-to place a bet on something. Gambling halls are very popular there. They are so popular that people travel there just to gamble. The hall are like big casinos that attract lots of crime.
Minimize- reduce (something, especially something unwanted or unpleasant) to the smallest possible amount or degree. This land wants so reduce something. Maybe its gambling. Maybe they are reducing the costs of mining, which is the basis of their economy.
Achievement- a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill. Someone or something achieved something great.
Scandal- there was an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage there. Maybe some great scandal with the rulers.

Son of a gun: this suggests to me that guns are used here, so lots of Gunslingers live there. That means this world has guns as well as magic. So, what types of guns? I am seeing six-shooters, rifles, Gatlin guns and even canons being available. If we are using D&D there are write-ups for all sorts of guns. Below is the Gunslinger archetype for the Fighter from D&D Beyond that has gun write-ups that would be perfect for Argentus and the rest of this unnamed (so far) world: Gunslinger

Name and Language
I am liking Argentus for the name of the land and I will use American English for the language. The capital city is named Revliston, and that is where the Premier lives in the Silver House. When it comes to languages I am seeing them coming from a root language (like Latin) and then another early root language from which all of the other ones sprouted from. More on that later on in this process.

I am getting an Old West feel for this land, so I feel that I need to use English for a language. There are 13 territories overseen by Governors. Some of them are better than others. A Premier is in charge, but he or she still has to answer to the Governors. Currently, it is Deborah Pierce, who was a former Governor and officer in the Argentian army.

The Charter was written when Argentus was founded 245 years ago after they broke away from the (Insert Name) Empire. They wrote a document that guaranteed certain rights for the people. They could elect their own leaders. Slavery was outlawed. They were free to speak their minds without fear of imprisonment. They were allowed to own their own weapons, but with reasonable regulations. They could not be arrested and imprisoned without just cause. The original 7 Governors signed the document in the year 774. Since then 14 more territories have been added for a total of 21.

Every 5 years there is an election, and the people vote for the Premier, Governor, and Delegates. The Premier represents the nation, the Governors represent their territories and the Delegates represent their districts. Voting is done at polling halls, and they use paper ballots that are verified by special Authentication spells. Wizards will cast the spells after the voting is done to make sure they were cast by Argentians. They claim the process is completely fair and no voting mishaps have every happened in an election in Argentus.

That is a lie. Voting fraud happens regularly, but that is just the way it’s done. In fact, the 21 Governors have a meeting every 5 years before the election to make sure the right person in their opinion wins. They don’t want someone as Premier who will interfere too much into their territorial business, and that has happened before. If they believe a candidate will be too disruptive to their own plans, then they have ways to make sure the vote count goes against that person.

The most popular religion is the Lightian Church, which is also known as the Conclave of Lights. They are very similar to Earth’s Catholic Church. Their main doctrine is that an unknown and all-powerful Creator created all things, including the other deities, and His message to the world was revealed through prophets. The teachings of these prophets was collected in a tome called the Holy Canon, and that is the holy book they use in their services. The term Lights comes from the Holy Canon which states, “Then the Creator said, ‘"LET THERE BE LIGHTS”’; the stars were created and it brought the lights that shined all across the Void.” ~Creation 1:3

The Lightian Church has a Patriarch that rules the Conclave, and under him or her are Cardinals that typically rule over a nation. In Argentus each territory has a Bishop that governs the churches under him or her. The Churches are managed by Fathers or Mothers and under them are Brothers and Sisters. Finally, Acolytes are people who are training to become priests in the Lightian Church and they are assigned to train under a Brother or Sister at a church. Other religions, like the Unity Church, are active in Argentus, but they are much smaller. The Lightian Church hates the Unitians, because they believe their doctrine is false and evil. Below are the first three verses from the Book of Creation in the Tome of Lights.

Chapter 1​
In the beginning all of existence was a formless Void and darkness covered all things. 1 Then from the Unknown the Creator arrived, and He swept over the face of the Void like a wind. 2 Then the Creator said, "LET THERE BE LIGHTS”; the stars were created and they brought forth the lights that shined all across the Void. 3

The main economy is based on mining silver, gambling and prostitution. Prostitution and gambling are regulated by the local territories, and they do for two reasons. First, to make sure it’s safe for the people. That doesn’t always work, but they try. Second, to make sure they collect the taxes for those activities. Silver mining is where Argentus gets most of its revenue, but due to government waste they need other avenues of money to make up the difference.
Premier Deborah Pierce is a 47 year old Human and she has been the leader of Argentus for 4 years, and she is up for reelection in 1,020. She was once the Governor of Kanevo, but she decided to give that up to run for Premier. The majority of the Governors approved of her, and the people knew her as a hero of the (Insert Name) War. Pierce has been the Premier for 4 years now, and she has had a hard time dealing with the troubles she found. She had no idea about the corruption among the Governors, and how most of them are stealing money from the people.

Governor Don Trumpet is the 70 year old Human leader of the Yorkey Territory, where he has been in office for 19 years. He voted against Pierce, because he knew she was too good and would disrupt his corrupt schemes. Using a web of deceit he has been stealing from his people since he took office. He is planning on running for Premier in 1020, but before he can do that he needs to create a scandal to discredit Pierce, because she is very popular among the Argentians.

Chief Heskovizenako is a 59 year old (half-orc) leader of the largest Nidani tribe in Argentus. He has made a treaty with the Argentians to leave his tribe’s hunting ground alone, but that treaty has been violated many times. Due to those violations he is considering fighting back against them, even though he knows he cannot win a war. There are members of his tribe that want a war, and he has problems convincing them to not fight.
The Nidani are a nomadic tribe of people who have lived the same way for thousands of years. They are nomadic and live in tents and they hunt bison. They believe in being part of nature. They can also be fierce warriors who protect their hunting grounds. That has led them into conflict with the Argentians. In D&D terms they are similar to Half-Orcs and Wild Elves. However, any race can join a Nidani tribe if they are proven worthy.

Madison Morgan is a 38 year old Human Executrix who has 78 executions on her record. In Argentus all executions are done by a female and she must use a special, six-shooter handgun. She has been trained to kill a prisoner with one shot, and she knows the best ways to execute all of the known races. In the case of prisoners with magical resistance, she has access to special bullets that can ignore those defenses. Madison makes sure that all executions are as painless as possible to the condemned, and she takes a certain amount of pride in her job.

Bernard the Bandit (Bernard Littlefeet) is a 78 year old Halfling who has become the most wanted outlaw in Argentus. He is the leader of the Littlefeet Gang, and he is known for robbing stage coaches and trains (the trains here are magical, steam-powered, and very cool looking) for their silver. Bernard is popular because he robs the wealthy mine owners of their silver and he then gives the money he takes to the poorest citizens of Argentus. He also has a strict no-kill policy and makes sure not to kill anyone he robs.

Geography and Climate
They are separated from Handel along their southern border by the Sterling Mountains. I am seeing it looking like dry, dusty plains and temperate desert. There are lakes, rivers, and springs for fresh water, but access to water is an issue. Through the use of magic and miracles most Argentians get enough water to survive, but it can be expensive. Wizards charge fees and Clerics ask for donations (fees). Some Governors hoard fresh water for themselves and only give it out to those who pay them high fees. This has led to protests and eventually may lead to armed conflict. Argentus has a length of around 1,200 miles east to west and 1,000 miles north to south, which equals to about 1,200,000 square miles.

History and Culture
I have based Argentus on America, so when I look at their history I feel the need to also base it on the United States as well. American began their Revolution from the British Empire about 245 years ago. The war for American independence began with military conflict in 1775 and lasted at least until 1783 when the peace treaty with the British was signed. For Argentus they declared themselves free from the (Insert Name) Empire 245 years ago, so that is when their official history began. The gun was just beginning to gain popularity back then, and through the aid of allies they were able to arm themselves. They surprised the (Insert Name) Empire with their weapons and unique battle tactics. After 8 years the battle against their former province became too costly, so they agreed to a peace treaty.

I am not completely sure of a timeline yet, because I want to use randomness to guide me to that, but I imagine that the people of these land once used an imperial calendar for their dates, and they probably used their own rebellion date as a new calendar. I could also create a greater calendar that has been used all across the world. My original idea was to use a 12 month calendar used by the Travelers based on the star signs of the constellations. I could say that the (Insert Name) Empire used this calendar themselves to deal with the Travelers. I just take a thousand years off our Gregorian Calendar, so it’s the 10th month of the year 1,019 as I write this. Based on the Traveler’s Calendar Argentus became an independent nation on 774 and their rebellious war ended on 782.

I roll a 3 and I am headed east! See you next time!

Rafael Martin

Hello! Let's get random!
Random words: singer, mayor, cycle, produce, communist, architecture
Random phrase: Foaming At the Mouth: To be enraged and show it.
Random # 1-100: 42

Singer-singing is very important there. Are they Elven? Here they are Keiju, and I am using Finnish! They sing very long and operatic songs that can take days to complete.
Mayor-the government is set up on a mayoral system. Maybe mayors rule large cities and there is a Lord or High Mayor. There should be another word for Mayor, and that word is Kaiutin.
Cycle-they live on cycles. I am getting an Elven feeling here, but these are unique Elves who are architects and druids. Each cycle is about 100 years, so that is when they perform a secret process that extends their long lives.
Produce-they farm and eat the produce. The Elves of this world are strict vegetarians, and the eating of animals is illegal.
Communist-this tells me the economy is based on communism and everyone shares everything and tries to be equal. Basically there is no money there, and it’s a barter and service economy.
Architecture-there the architecture is amazing! They have giant, elaborate and artistic buildings that have a modern and high-tech look. Skyscrapers rise up in impossible looking curves and look like pieces of art. Does one building even touch the clouds?

Name and Language
I am thinking of a language for these Elves, and I won’t dare use Tolkein’s classic, Elven tongue. So I used Google translate to see which language would work the best. Finnish works well. I decide to name the place Maaperä, and the people there refer to themselves as the Keiju. Other non-Keiju often call them Elves or Fey.

They are like the standard D&D Elves, but they can live to be 1,000 years or more. They use a special, secret process to extend their lives that they have to undergo every 100 years. This process is named The Elävän Mallin, and its origins date back to ancient times. The High Elves would live in the cities, and the Wood Elves would live in the forested regions. The Dark Elves live in shadowy forests, and they are Keiju who were born with sunlight sensitivity, so they have to live in darkened woods. It has made them live separate from others, so that would naturally change the way they treat others. They all have very pale skin due to not being in sunlight. The largest region for dark elves is in the Hämärä Forest.

The Kaveri are what are called half-elves in other places. There is a social stigma against them, and those that live in Maaperä often face poor treatment and racism. This is what has Keiju and Kaveri foaming at the mouth! They are both very upset over it.

They have no capital city, because the obligations of government are handled equally among the cities. Each city is governed by a Kaiutin, and they gather together annually at the city of Kehä to discuss important matters. Currently, there is a council of 42 Kaiutin who govern Maaperä. The closet thing they have to a leader is the Valvoa, who acts as a monitor of the meetings. He or she makes sure everyone gets a chance to speak and the meetings run smoothly. In the case of a 21-21 tie vote, they will act as the tiebreaker.

Geography and Climate
It has a temperate forest climate with warm summers and cool winters with year-round rain. They have deciduous trees, which lose their leaves during the winter, and fertile farmland. They are separated from Argentus by the Silmä Sea. There is an island named Silmäterä, and only special Keiju are allowed to land on it. It is protected by ancient and powerful spells. The size is about 900 miles east to west and 890 miles north to south, which equals to about 801,000 square miles.

The Keiju believe that no one owns the land. They must tend to it, but do not take ownership of it. Their faith could be called Druidic. They believe that when someone dies their soul is reincarnated into a new form in the next lifetime. They believe in a great cycle of life. They call the spirit of nature Olemus. The head of their religion in Maaperä (and the rest of the continent) is the Korkein, who all Keiju consider a holy person. Under the Korkein are the Kaari, who oversee regions of the continent, and beneath them are the Suuri, who oversee circles within the lands.

History and Culture
The Keiju largely ignored the (Insert Name) Empire while they claimed that they were one of their provinces. They even had Dictators there who sent dictates from Emperor to the Valvoa, who had to keep explaining to them that Maaperä had no leader. When imperial troops tried to invade they found themselves blocked by an invisible shield. Individual members of the empire could enter, but armies were prevented. They tried to send their ships across the Silmä Sea, but they crashed against the shield and were shattered. Smaller, imperial ships with imperial diplomats could cross over and were welcomed. The Keiju are friendly to visitors, and they believe in sharing the land, but they will not accept any sort of hostility in Maaperä.
I note here that their cities look like works of arts. Their make their buildings out of rare elements that they import from other lands like Argentus, who supply them with much needed materials. The various cities compete with each other to see who can design and build the most elaborate structures. The Keiju use powerful and unique spells to aid them, but they also bring in expert craftsmen from other lands. They are especially fond of Dwarves, who are experts at using various materials like stone, metallic and gems for their creations.

Erkki Makkonen is a 623 year old Keiju and the current Valvoa in the city of Kehä. He has served as the Valvoa for 300 years and he personally told the former Dictator of the (Insert Name) Empire that he had to leave Maaperä. Erkki is a very polite person, so it was difficult for him to do. He takes the management of the annual meetings very seriously, and he makes a great effort to make sure all of the Kaiutin are heard. He has only had to make 2 tiebreaking votes in his tenure. Erkki is very concerned about the growing problem of the Kaveri and their unfair treatment.

Jemina Soininen is an 890 year old Keiju and the Korkein of their Druidic faith. She has gone through 8 cycles, but she is considering not going through another one in 10 years. She does love her people, and her faith, but she has grown very weary in spirit and she wants to become one with Olemus. Jemina hates politics and will have nothing to do with the petty squabbles among the Kaiutin. She feels that the Kaveri should leave the land if they feel mistreated, but she welcomes them in the faith.

Vilhelmi Vanhatalo is a 42 year old Kaveri who lives in the Hämärä Forest with dark elves, even though he does not share their sunlight sensitivity. There he feels welcomed by the Hämärä as they call themselves. He feels shunned from the greater Maaperä society, but he refuses to leave. He is leading a movement of other Kaveri to demand equal treatment, because according to him the blood of the Keiju runs through his veins. Vilhelmi has his own farm, and he also travels the cities speaking out.

Shylkaall is a 250 year old Gnomish entertainer who has become a huge hit with the Keiju. She has been traveling the cities singing her elaborate operas where she sings every role. She only sings in her own language, and does not speak Keiju, but they still love her. They do not pay her any money, since they don’t believe in that, but they show their appreciation by bringing her freshly grown flowers. Shylkaael really loves flowers, so she greatly appreciates their gifts.

All right, all right, all right! I move on for now and I roll for a new direction. I get a 2 and get northeast next time.

Rafael Martin

Okay let's get random!

Random words: family, therapist, ride, particle, monster, talented
Random phrase: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Random #1-100: 12

Monster-this is a land of monsters and I think there are 12 great monsters who dwell there, plus a lot of smaller monsters too.
Family-Is there a family of people who live there? There is a family of monsters/dinosaurs that live there. They are considered primordial dragons, and at some point they evolved into the dragon we know today. For reasons unknowns these monsters stayed the same.
Therapist-maybe there is a person who lives there who studies these monsters? One of them is a therapist who studies the psychology of the creatures and of each other. He is also called a Magister by the empire.
Ride-sit on and control the movement of (an animal, especially a horse), typically as a recreation or sport. To be carried or supported by (something with a great deal of momentum).
Particle-a minute portion of matter like tiny particles of dust. The least possible amount of...time? This is a land of dinosaurs, for this world, but should they have all died out and/or evolved? Time works differently here.
Talented-someone is very talented there. It’s the Magister who was sent here to explore this land and never left.
There are 12 statues near the center of Belua Tellus. Who created them and what do they represent?

Birds of a Feather Flock Together: I remember reading that dinosaurs were more like birds and they actually had feathers. They evolved into birds according to a paleontologist. I believe it.

The Magister’s name was Cato Docilus, who was once an exotic animal expert who worked for the (Insert name) Empire. He appears as a human male in his 60’s with long, white hair and beard. His clothes look ragged and appear to have been patched up multiple times. He does not smell good.

In the Imperial Tongue (Latin) it is called the Belua Tellus. They originally called their new land the Novus Tellus. He was sent by the empire over 300 years ago to map and send back a report of this unknown region. He was a naturalist who studied dangerous beasts. He was supposed to return within a year. Once he entered the Belua Tellus he knew he would never leave. He doesn’t particular notice the passage of time. It feels like he has been there for no more than several years.

Cato lives in a 5-story treehouse that he built himself. It has a living room, kitchen, bathroom (the waste flows into a tunnel that leads into a lake) bedroom, and two guest rooms. When he first sees the visitors he will be riding a horse sized dinosaur that looks exactly like the Timurlengia euotica species. It lived about 90 million years ago on Earth and was about the size of a horse, according to the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Those dinosaurs had long legs, a skull studded with sharp teeth and was probably a fast runner. Cato named her Amica.

Belua Tellus is a great valley that stretches 500 miles east to west and 550 north to south, which equals about 275,000 square miles. This land has heavy vegetation, lakes, and rivers. It is a land that is warm, moist, and full of green and flowering plants that are very abundant. It’s also filled with dinosaurs who never leave the boundaries of their land.

Near the center of Belua Tellus is a clearing with 12 ivory-grey statues that look like twelve humanoids; six men and six women. They look similar to Greek statues of their gods, except these statues are completely intact. Cato believe these statues have been here since before mankind first arrived this continent, and he estimates that was over 100,000 years ago. He further postulates that these statues have magical or divine origins, because they do not look more than a few hundred years old. When Cato goes near the 12 statues, he can feel power emanating from them.

My new direction. I roll a 3 and head east. I need to reevaluate my directions after this next one. See you next time!

Rafael Martin

I go east and make some randomness happen..
Random words: tower, gravity, looting, swallow, aware, smile
Random phrase: Yada Yada-A way to notify a person that what they're saying is predictable or boring.
Random #1-100: 67

Tower-I am thinking about a standard, fantasy tower from LOTR, but it could be another type of tower. Maybe it’s a tower that’s part of a castle. Maybe it’s a tower that holds a prisoner? The tower holds the evil and dark prisoner Yada Naga.

Gravity-in this region gravity is not at a constant 1. It could be higher or lower. I note here the 5e D&D, 7th level Reverse Gravity spell that can be cast by and the Permanency spell which makes this effect permanent around this tower. I note that there’s no Permanency in D&D 5e officially, but I am adding that this world.

Looting-the area around the tower, that is not affected by a Reverse Gravity spell, has been looted. There was some kind of riot, and all of the buildings there have been broken into and anything valuable has been taken. Maybe the other prisoners looted the prison when they escaped.

Swallow-it looks like something in this area has been swallowed up. My first thought is a sinkhole. Perhaps it is a creature that looks like a sinkhole. Like an earth elemental. Like that creature in the desert from in the film Return of the Jedi. These creatures could have been the security that prevented escapes.

Aware-someone is aware that people are there. If the players arrive she will know they are there. Yada Naga knows visitors are there to see her.

Smile-someone in the tower (Yada Naga) is looking down from the tower and smiling.

Yada Yada: when I heard this phrase I thought to myself the Dark Naga monster from D&D. I will place her in this prison tower, and name her Yada Naga. In D&D terms she is one of the Naga, but a dark one. Here is a link to her stats: [5e] Dark Naga
If you actually use this in a D&D encounter, I would add some more powers and spells for her, because she would appear to others as a beautiful, young woman instead of a really big snake-like creature.

The name of the place is Garchar and it is a former prison compound. The inmates staged a riot (engineered by Yada Naga) about 67 years ago. This prison is at the northern part of a nation, so this will be a rare double entry into the Random World.

I do some more randomness and get the following:
Random Words: seem, alcohol, mention, gloom, relation, packet
Random Phrase: Money Doesn't Grow On Trees
Random #1-100: 68

Seem-nothing is what it seems there. The magical energies make reality unsettled there. Many Wish spells have been cast there, and the result is that sometimes reality gets messed up.

Alcohol-this place is well known for its alcohol, which is a very powerful (and tasty) liquor. The brew is magically enhanced for better taste and intoxication.

Mention- I Googled the definition and it said: refer to something briefly and without going into detail; a reference to someone or something; "their eyes light up at a mention of Sartre". The philosophical career of Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980) focuses, in its first phase, upon the construction of a philosophy of existence known as Existentialism. Adopting and adapting the methods of phenomenology, Sartre sets out to develop an ontological account of what it is to be human.

Existentialism is a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice. It is the view that humans define their own meaning in life, and try to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational universe.

So, can I conclude that Existentialism is actually a philosophy that is widely followed there and it rejects the belief in anything more than yourself? Existentialism is atheistic, since the Existentialists don’t believe in worshipping anyone other than yourself. The Unitians believe in the worship of The Unity, so it is something greater than themselves. Since they are all about Magic, I can name it Magicalism or something like that.

Gloom-because of their recent problems with another nation, there is a gloomy feeling across Cenedl. This other nation has a particular hatred of magic and they have developed defenses against it. A war with them would be costly.
Relation-It can be defined as the way in which two or more people or groups feel about and behave toward each other. I am seeing that relations with this nation and another one are really bad at the moment and it could led to war.

Packet- a ship traveling at regular intervals between two ports, originally for the conveyance of mail. A paper or cardboard container, typically one in which goods are packed to be sold. Sow seeds 2 to 3 inches apart or as recommended on the seed packets. The contents of a packet; he smoked a packet of cigarettes a day. This nation has a port, so there is a sea and I get the feeling it’s on the eastern border. It has agricultural products and that includes a form of tobacco that is smoked.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees: here money is mostly useless. They have a barter and trade economy with some foreign money circulating through. Simple, magical spells take care of most of their needs. Skill and knowledge with magic is what their view of wealth is based on. Someone who can’t use any magic is viewed as being poor there.

Random #68 represents a giant statue of the wizard who founded Cenedl and his name is Osian, and almost a thousand years ago he founded this land for magical practitioners. The statue of him in the city of Dinas is 68 feet tall.

Just on a whim I picked Welsh as a language and it worked. The nation is named Cenedl, its capital city is named Dinas, and its largest city (which is along the Dwyrain Sea) is named Longau. It’s about 1,200 miles north to south, but only 600 miles east to west, for a total of 720,000 square miles. It has a climate that is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.
They are mostly non-religious. Most of them believe in an existentialist, magical philosophy since most of them practice magic. Their belief is often called Magicalism, but the people of Cenedl refer to it as Hudolism. The leader of this belief is called the Phren Mesur. She is a co-leader of the people in Cenedl. Working for her are the Athrawon, who are like magical masters. Under them are Athro, and they are considered teachers of magicalism.

Cenedl is a magical monarchy, and all nobles have some sort of magical ability. The head of Cenedl’s government is called the Rhiau. He rules as a king, but the people of his nation have rights. The Lefarwyr speaks for the Rhiau at government functions. Under him are Barwns who govern their own Barwnies across the nation.

In Cenedl a wizard is called a Dewin, which is considered an honorable title. A witch, who can be male or female, are called Gwrach. Less honorable magicians are called Swynwr, which can be considered wild or reckless sorcerers.

When they were part of the empire they were considered the magical province. The empire had very powerful magical and divine weapons at the beginning, but over time their power began to dwindle. When the revolution happened they were able to easily expel the imperial dictators and their soldiers.

Caitlyn Griffin is a 432 year old Keiju (Elf) and she has been the current Phren Mesur for 30 years. She has promised to retire her title when she returns to her homeland for the Elävän Mallin in 68 years. Other vying for her title want her gone far sooner than that. Many Keiju live in Cenedl where racism is unheard of, but there are a small minority there who hate outsiders.

Louis Reynolds V is a 72 year old human and has been the Rhiau of Cenedl for 52 years. He is the longest reigning monarch of Cenedl is their history having inherited the title when his father passed away from unnatural causes. Lately he has grown unpopular, because many feeling is has grown distant and his not managing Cenedl well. He is directly being blamed for the poor relations with Boden that could lead to another war with them. The truth is that he wants to retire, but the Barwns won’t let him.

Maz’Ramon is a devilish looking, 33 year old man (Tiefling) who is known for his dramatic, reckless magic. He is one of the Swynwr, and they believe in less formal, more stylish magic. He has a large following in Cenedl and he is undefeated in magical duels that are popular there. Maz’Ramon is part of a race known as Infernals, and they are rarely seen in this world. It’s very rare to see more than two at one time. It’s believed that most of them chose to disguise their appearance die to the fear and racism they received. Here in Cenedl he is accepted and has been shown very little hatred.

Osian Quinn is the founder of Cenedl and he officially died centuries ago. However, he became one with magic and he sometimes appears to special practitioners of magic in times of need. He appears as a middle-aged human, bald man in yellow robes who is always smiling. Small statues of Osian are placed in homes for good luck.

With the direction this time I am limiting it to west, southwest and south. I want to fill in the map, which I have crudely drawn on a piece of paper. It may be posted sometime soon. I roll a 2, so I am headed to the southwest.

Halloween Horror For 5E