D&D 5E Ranking 5e dnd campaigns


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Hi, I saw someone do this for Pathfinder and i wanted to do it for dnd 5e. I will make another post after gathering enough answers and I will share the results with you.

Adventure paths

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@Hepno Welcome to the site and hope you stay awhile.

There are several threads on the site for just this. I think the last one was just 6 months ago. I see you have a link to a gooogle doc poll, so not sure if more people will go there as opposed to setting one up in this site.


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In this age of scammers and malware, maybe as a first time poster a link off the site with minimal supporting description is apt to raise suspicions.

As others have noted, there are ways of doing this on the site - so you might want to look at those before directing folks elsewhere.

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