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Rapid POD has gone LOCO


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Brandenburg, Kentucky, September 6, 2007— Rapid POD Printing Inc. introduces new prices to book publishers.

We realize that sometimes books need to be done with even greater speed and lower costs than we have already been happily offering our clients for over two years.

For this reason we are excited to bring you our newest option: LOCO (LOw COst) books. Yes maybe we are crazy to offer books at one cent a page and only one dollar fifty for the cover/binding, but we here at Rapid POD feel that what makes the most sense is what will benefit you the most.

For more information about our new LOCO books, contact Nikole Bennett, by email at nikole@rapidpod.com or by telephone at (502) 212-6258.

Technical Specs:
Covers: Are printed full color on 8pt. cardstock.
Binding: Perfect bound / Square bound
Book Block: interiors will be printed on 20# bond, Black and White.
Spine Size: 48 page min, 800 page max.
Book Sizes: LOCO books may be printed in 5 sizes; 10.25”x6.625” (Graphic Novel), 6”x9” (Manual), 5.5”x8.5” (Digest), and 4.25”x7” (novel).
Cost per Book: 1¢ per page, and $1.50 for the color cover.
File Formats: PDF, TIFF only.
Discounts for Volume: 5% per 100 (max 25%)
Minimum Run: 25 Books
Set-Up Fees: None

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