Rate Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (DVD Release Status: In Flux)

So how was it? Be honest!

  • 1. Wretched. That was worse than the first one!

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • 2. Very Bad. Oh man, the pain! (Burn the DVDs.)

    Votes: 6 2.7%
  • 3. Bad. I think I'm going to be ill.

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • 4. Not good. About what I had expected.

    Votes: 25 11.4%
  • 5. Average. Hey, that didn't suck, too much.

    Votes: 45 20.5%
  • 6. Okay. Hey, that didn't suck.

    Votes: 53 24.1%
  • 7. Good. I'm surprised it wass that good.

    Votes: 46 20.9%
  • 8. Very Good. I'll definitely watch that again.

    Votes: 25 11.4%
  • 9. Excellent. Oh man, the joy! (I want the DVD.)

    Votes: 12 5.5%
  • 10. Supreme. That should have been on the big screen!

    Votes: 2 0.9%


First Post
Personally, I gave the movie an 8. I thought it was very well done and was better than the first movie that went to the big screen. I am hoping for a third movie and perhaps an actual series like we saw SciFi do with Battlestar Galactica.

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Michael Morris

First Post
My Statler & Waldorf review, posted over at NTL

Statler: Recently we were subjected to the torture of watching the second Dungeons & Dragons
Waldorf: Torture? I wouldn't go that far. Torture would be the first film. This one is more like cruel and unusual punishment.
Statler: Yes, on the second go around the franchise has definitely improved.
Waldorf: It went from worst movie ever to almost the worst movie ever.
Statler: The basic plot will be no surprise to anyone who's played the game for which the movie is based. Five heroes are assembled into a party and go on a quest to save the world.
Waldorf: Yeah, name your favorite fantasy cliche and you'll find it here. Sexy barbarian chick in chainmail - check
Statler: Dissappointingly though it wasn't very revealing.
Waldorf: Well, considering the low budget I'm not surprised. It takes some serious special effects to design gravity defying erotic armor.
Statler: :heh: Still dissapointing.
Waldorf: Next cliche is the lazy halfling thief.
Statler: The Pious priest
Waldorf: The elven wizard.
Statler: And so on. If you've played D&D, you've seen this line up before. The authors went to some pain to work in multiple monsters and magic items from the game into the plot without being painfully obvious - a wand of lightning bolts, ring of the ram, gem of seeing and a magic sword of some type make obvious appearances, and the references to Greyhawk's deities and locations are far more numerous this time.
Waldorf: All feel good stuff for the gamers, but likely to fly over the general population's head. All kidding aside, this movie is about average for Hollywood these days.
Statler: Which is to say it was terrible.
Waldorf: But in a better than horrible way.


First Post
Gave it a 7. Better than the original. Miss Damodar's blue lips :) Disappointed that there was no dwarf in the adventuring party.

Why does everyone seem to assume the rogue was a halfling? There was nothing said about him being a halfling, he didn't act like a halfling, and while he was short, he wasn't remotely short enough to be a halfling.

I figured he was just a shorter-than-average human.


World of Kulan DM
For those that missed it, and are now willing to give it a "look see", D&D; WotDG re-airs on SciFi Channel on Thursday, October 13th at 9pm EST and then again on November 6th at 9pm EST.

Of course, dates & times are subject to the whims of the powers-that-be at SciFi Channel. :p

After that, you can pick up the DVD, which comes out on November 8th. Here is the link to Amazon's listing: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000B7QCG8/104-1451119-0443149?v=glance&n=130

Current Price: $18.73 US

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary
DVD ROM Features
Documentary: ROLLING THE DICE: Adopting the Game to the Screen
Interviews: Conversation with Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons



I gave it an 8. For people who aren't into D&D, it's probably a lot lower. Since a lot of stuff they will miss, and a lot won't make sense. I thought some things were a bit rushed, but this may be due it being edited for TV.

The rogue was human. Just shortish. Like the Grey Mouser or dare I say it, Gord the Rogue. Having a halfling/dwarf would be too expensive to do, since it requires a lot of CGI and special effects and large scale sets....
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Dark Jezter

First Post
trancejeremy said:
The rogue was human. Just shortish. Like the Grey Mouser or dare I say it, Gord the Rogue. Having a halfling/dwarf would be too expensive to do, since it requires a lot of CGI and special effects and large scale sets....

Like yourself, I'm pretty sure that cost is the reason why we didn't see any of the smaller D&D races in the movie. If the movie had been a major motion picture with a larger budget, I'm guessing that we would have seen a more iconic D&D party with a dwarf fighter and a halfling rogue.

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