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5E Ravenloft: How can Strahd separate PCs from Sunsword, Icon and Symbol?


Needless to say, Spoilers!

We're playing what should be the last or second to last session of our Ravenloft game today.

PCs are 12th level. Paladin of Vengence, Shadowmonk, Tomblock and Evoker

I'm using the beefed up CR 17 Strahd (found here

The PCs have acquired all three major magic items and have avoided up until last session any direct confrontations with Strahd.

The tarokka card reading placed Strahd in the throne room, the symbol in the chapel and the sword in Sergi's tomb.

After they found Sergi's sword they decided to fully explore the crypts and managed to get the Staff of Power.

They found Strahd's tomb, used up the last of the evoker's spell slots suppressing the teleportation circles and as they entered the tomb and approached the coffin, his bride's rose up to attack. Strahd has, of course been trailing them and watching (using Greater Invisibility and passing freely from crypt to crypt). He's got 3 ghouls with him (hanging back about 100' away). I decided he's not going to give up his tomb freely. So as the brides rose to attack, before initiative he dropped blight on the evoker (who made the save).

I am looking at this as a probing attack. Obviously if he gains the advantage he'll press it but he doesn't want to be dropped to 0 hp with no ability to regenerate in his tomb! So he wants to draw them away from his tomb (so the teleport protection can reset) and he wants to separate the PCs so that he can charm them and get those pesky magic items away from them.


I'm thinking fog cloud to try to negate the sunlight from the sword and symbol.

Is it fair to have his door's lair action work on crypt "doors"? He could lure melee PCs in and seal them in or force non-melee ones to take cover and do the same.

His tactics will be Lair action on 20, move and cast on his turn and move out of sunlight and to attack and melee attack using legendary actions. He'll do what he can to stay out of sunlight to start his turn, shut down the sunlight, separate PCs from the icon, etc.

I will allow PCs to rest unmolested from Strahd in Sergi's tomb as long as they have a source of sunlight.

We ended with a suprise round of Strahd casting Blight. Today it will be roll init.

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Well...I almost pulled it off. Strahd, his brides and some ghouls made good use of the doors and teleporters in the crypts to spread the party out and isolate them (spells like fog cloud and cloud kill are great for negating sunlight).

At one point Strahd managed to charm the warlock and ordered him to get the sunsword from the paladin. The warlock cast suggestion. The paladin needed to roll an 8 or better to save and rolled a 9.

They eventually managed to regroup and then the paladin managed to land a crit with the sunblade and had a 3rd level spell slot left for divine smite...oof.

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