Ready-to-Play Random Character Generator for Colonial Gothic (2nd edition)


I'm prepping BOSTON BESIEGED campaign, so any feedback on that adventure is welcome. Also, I created a random character creator
to assist my players in getting going. I plan to print out a few of each type and hand them to the players. That way we can get right to the
action. I also believe this will be useful in CONVENTION play.

READY - TO - PLAY Random Character Generator for Colonial Gothic (2nd edition)

Feedback welcome! (LINK LATER POST BELOW)

Some little things that I did:
* The naming system: I used names from lists on the Mayflower and first colonies (English). For the indian tribes, I used ones from an actual list of Algonquin tribal names)

* Errata: There were only a couple of errata items fixed from the book: 1) initiative using reason not "wits", 2) immigrants get +1 action point (not 1e faith), 3) I balanced out the skills for the frontier colonist (1 trade, 2 from the others listed), 4) CRAFT gets mentioned multiple times. I simply made it either trade or profession (I didn't include heal from 1e).

* Natives get knife or tomahawk (rather than hatchet for others) and moccasins instead of boots or shoes

IN 2.0, I will probably add some additional random equipment (subtracted from starting money) and additional classic names. I may also tailor some foreign names for french, spanish, and those freaky-deaky-dutch :)

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE test this out and make sure there aren't any glaring omissions or errors in calculations.

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Try this link: 2e Random Character Generator 1.9.xlsx


Still not working for me for some reason. Perhaps it is my computer (I am on a mac if that makes a difference).


That would be great if you put any of this stuff up on the website.

Regarding the random character generator, I'm releasing v2.0 on Wednesday.

I'm going to modify it slightly and have added some other things like:

* Shock threshold (I used Vitality as "Body" is listed)

* Movement walk/run

* Details on weapons equipped and other integrations: +1 defense for war club, damage, etc.

* Changed Skill column "Ranks" to TN with complete calculation so you don't have to go back and reference the ability a 2nd time.

* Set "Trained" skills that aren't trained to zero TN.

* Making background skills get priority on the "trained" skills list.

* "Press F9 to create a new random character" added.

* ..and a few other juicy things :)

Thanks for making such a great game!

Jay H
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Ok, here is the version 2.0. I renamed it Colonial Gothic (2e) Ready To Play Character Generator, as it is designed to whip up a character instantly so you and your gamers can get right to the action.

Feedback is welcome!
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Added colorful hooks. I created them from a list of the bestiary, colonial pamphlet references, and famous people. I'll probably add some more later.

One of the hooks will have a person/place/thing related to something like that.

I just "re-saved version 2.1. So you can re-download if you want.

I also added some Yes/No dropdown boxes if you want:
* All characters armed (even if their background doesn't start with a weapon)..e.g. Urban colonist starts with a pistol and a knife or hatchet by default.
* Expanded native tribes list to the Gazetteer
* Colorful Hooks

Any other suggestions?


ADDED to character generator: specific or random character background drop-down. Re-saved to version 2.1.

Now you can randomly create a bunch of a particular background (e.g. frontier colonist) to hand to your players: "Here's 5, pick one".

Related note, I'm prepping BOSTON BESIEGED. Anybody got any play experience on this one or the prequel in the Gazetteer?



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God Save the King! The Player's Companion is out and so I have added more elements to the character generator. The 3.0 version adds:

I plan to add:
All the new Weapons
Social starting stuff (family, class, starting money, etc.)
The new skills
A "quick reference sheet" for players
Add the 'primary ability score' preference per template
Add preferred skills per template


Jay H

[edit: add:

Just a heads-up, Drivethrurpg has the following items that are probably good for tabletop use:(PLUS MOST ARE ON SALE)

* Wooden Buildings (fat dragon games)--- these are ideal, as you can put the "wooden siding" look common to colonial america
* Savage Worlds Gothic Figure flats
* Native americans 1,2
* Gothic Heroes: American Revolution Statix 1

What I'd like to see is some French & Indian war frontiersmen. I may end up making some from some screenshots of miniatures of the same name.


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