D&D 5E Realmspace Traveller's Guide Preview and Hyperspeed Playtest -- Available for Free

The [Forgotten Realms] Realmspace Traveller's Guide - Preview Edition - v1.1a (adjustments made to comply with site regulations) is now available and the Hyperspeed system playtesting has begun!

Both the preview document and the Hyperspeed system prototype can be downloaded for FREE at Dungeon Masters Guild.

[In case anyone is wondering why it is now being called Hyperspeed and not "the other term" - this is in compliance with DMsGuild regulations, allowing the product page to stay open, for the time being.]

Also feel free to leave feedback and suggestions on the product page.

NOTE: For testing out interplanetary navigation, one can use the distance figures given in chapter 1, section 2 of the Realmspace Preview document.


REALMSPACE-NEW-COVER (under 200k).jpg

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In your next update I suggest adding Abeir. And thank you that was interesting.

I actually do have some notes for Abeir, but I'm currently mulling over whether or not to make it a separate product or a bonus document. It'll probably be a decision made towards the completion, which will definitely be this year since I've finally gotten to a point in my lore research where I feel confident that there isn't much more revision I could make to the original concept I had, which was very different in many ways.

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