Reaper Bones 5 live on kickstarter - a.k.a I'm gonna need a bigger boat (wallet)


I never did the other ones but I pledged a $1 for this one to see what I can get latter. Not sure if I'll plunk down $120.00 though for the Core set.

I've been getting individual Bones from ebay and my FLGS and tend to not paint them much to the chagrin to some other players and my players.

Flexor the Mighty!

18/100 Strength!
Bones are great for big figs but I don't care for the normal sized ones. The Bones Black look promising though. Have to give this a look over.


and now they have a boat.

there goes my budget.

For people wanting to start a collection.
the Dungeon Dwellers expansion (50$) has 47 minis focused on adventures and low level foes + a smaller(ish) dragon.
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Core has either too much overlap with Bones I-IV, or too many weird miniatures I'll never use. Expansions are great, but I still have a ton of Bones I-IV miniatures to paint, so will pass. Looking forward to Bones VI, though. (y)


I passed on the core for bones 4, so I am back in for this one.
Im running low on Bones3 and will probably finish painting the core set before this one arrives.
plus a couple of expansions (2)
and some extra dragons (love reaper dragons)