[Reaper Bones] Scale dilemma

So, getting ready to base couple of reaper bones monsters: "Land Shark" & "Were Shark". Both models are similar sized (the were shark looks bigger due to poise). Both are in the middle ground of Large & Huge. By stats (3.5 SRD or PFSRD), the Bulette is Huge and the were shark is Large. Picture below has them on those bases, with other figures for scale comparison. But, they could be swapped (Large Bulette, and Huge shark) based on figure size.

Any suggestions?

IMG_2605 (Large).JPG
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Not sure what your dilemma is.

I'd mount them on the bases they fit best on & simply run them with the stats as printed. The only mechanical change might be how many figures could be placed around them in combat.


Yeah, we frequently use a smaller-scaled mini to represent a larger-sized creature - we just put it on a larger base so you can see how many squares it takes up.

Also, "Raper Bones" is an interesting typo.

Yeah, we frequently use a smaller-scaled mini to represent a larger-sized creature - we just put it on a larger base so you can see how many squares it takes up.
I never thought of that. I've been thinking about getting some cheap figurines to start adding to my normal Risk pieces, but was wondering about how to adjust the scale. Where do you buy bases?


We generally just make them. Nothing fancy and nothing permanent, either: we just generally make a 1"-square grid on colored poster board and cut out the sizes we need: 1" x 1" for Small/Medium, 2" x 2" for Large, 3" x 3" for Huge, etc. Then, if we need a Huge dragon but only have a Large mini for it, we bring out a Huge poster board "base" and place the Large dragon mini on it.

This all started because in my last campaign my youngest son decided to run a summoner. Rather than try to come up with the appropriate minis in the quantities needed, I just did up a bunch of 1", 2", and 3" poster board bases in several colors (I think I did 4 in each color and numbered them "1" through "4"), so if he decided he was summoning 1d4 celestial bison (or whatever), we could just grab (say) 3 bases labeled "1," "2," and "3" and we'd all know the yellow bases were celestial bison.

I'm fairly certain they do make just the bases for minis if you're looking for a more permanent solution, but I'm afraid I have no specific suggestions for you there - we've never used them.

I'm all about cheap solutions! I'm to the point where I will buy a nice mini for my actual character, but I don't want to spend a lot of time and money on the monsters and townsfolk.


A fix for base sizes

One of the minor conundrums of fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons is matching miniatures to base sizes in the game. My son painted an Albino Ape for his Labyrinth Lord game.


Anyone who plays OSR games can testify these things seem to show up on random encounter charts all the time. By the way, (Dad Brag) that’s a pretty great paint job for a 14-year-old kid isn’t it?

Anyway, in my 5E game I had a wizard who kept polymorphing folks into Giant Apes. The only problem was these creatures are huge. Meaning that their base has to occupy a 15-feet by 15-feet area. I took some Hirst Arts and made an appropriate base. I had to make sure the figure was still usable in the OSR game and was aesthetically pleasing for my game.


So here is what the great ape looks like in my 5e game.


Finally some action shots – just because!


The base allows us to get a lot more mileage out of a great figure!


I have to agree with many of the suggestions already posted. Just put the models on the appropriate base, it should not cause issue since the models are pretty scarry/awesome. Bases can be purchased from reaper fairly easily, or just use cardboard/mdf.