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Greetings all!

One of my fellow player has a character that can rebuke demons, devils and deamons similarly to a cleric of same level equivalent to the PC.

Ill's spare you de details of how ho got hold of that power but I would like to ask your opinions on something related to that.

We are currently playing the bastion of Souls or bastion of broken soul, I am not too sure, and we are currently stuck in the positive plane about to fight a suposedly humongous Dragon (Note biger than Colossal). Near the bastion we found some Demons I think and the PC with his Rebuke took command of them.

Later the DM stated that with no link to the negative energy plane, it was impossible to rebuke them. Then I thought that negative and positive energy were used only in turning and rebuking undeads.

Are any of you of the same opinion than me? if yes could you tell me what plane would give such power to a character and If no, could you give me a good argument to enlighten me as to your reasoning?


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You might want to check the Epic Level Handbooks' Planar Turning feat. It allows for the turning of outsiders, and probably mentions whether it uses positive or negative energy.

I think being on the PosMP would severly inhibit if not outright prevent the channeling of negative energy, so evil clerics might be out of luck.



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A small detail might ought to be added to the description of that power. although it may work like a Turn, it was the only mechanic adaptable to make it work in a game. The power is not derived from any plane but from an artifact bracer encompassing the long lost might of an ancien demon-god.

The bracer's power subjugates the Lower-Planar Creatures by channelling the "presence" or "Aura of might" of that ancient god thus convincing the targets that the wielder of the bracer is connected to that god. There is no actual divine power (per se) in play nor does any planar influence since the power comes from an artifact.

If some of you are familiar with Hero System, it might be compared to a presence attack.

The bracer doesn't "Turn" the target nor does it Rebuke them, but rather makes them realize that the person in front of them is the heir to their entire plane and must pay him the respect he deserve. Of course the more powerful creatures whose HD (or combined HD) exceed the power's limit can choose to ignore that fact and attack.

The point of the matter is, its not a turn, nor a rebuke but that power uses the same mechanic in order to simulate its effect and limitations.


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So it wouldn't be like a turning but more like a mass charm monster? Well then negative energy yes or no should have no effect at all unless the artifact was powered by such energy.


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Well in fact, after much discussion and a heated argument with my Friend Irmgaal, I thought that it would be more advantagous for him to replicate this power as a Mass charm (su) DC Character HD + Charisma modifier. The vampire's dominate is (su), hence my reason to make it su as well and keep it as some kind of Awe or fear inspiring aura. Duration 1 day/level.

I see various means of accomplishing this.

There is a prestige class, maybe more than one, that allows you to rebuke demons. One of them is in Sword and Fist I believe.

A feat could be used to rebuke outsiders. I know the Lands of Molokai pdf has one, probably other products.

The Thaumaturge from Armies of the Abyss, and classes similar to it, should be able to rebuke evil outsiders, as kind of a vessel of demonic power. The idea being they are using the threat of their patron to bring demons into line.

As it happens, you could turn demons and devils back in good old AD&D.

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