D&D General Recommendation for 1st level adventure?

I'm looking for a 1st level PDF adventure that does NOT involve Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, or any other typical humanoids. A simple dungeon crawl will suffice, but any adventure set in the wilderness will work. This is a temperate region, so no desert or sea adventures. [ETA: Something for $5 or less]

The reason for these parameters is that I plan to run B10 Night's Dark Terror after an initial adventure or two. B10 features Goblins and other humanoids and I don't want to overuse these types of monsters.

This is a 5e campaign, but I'm comfortable converting from other editions or game systems.
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Too bad you don't want to use orcs, because B11: King's Festival is an excellent 1st level, first adventure....


T1 Village of Hommlet is my recommendation, unless humans are also on your humanoid hit list. I also second L1 The Secret of Bone Hill.


Many of the Adventurers League modules would work. Here's a trilogy for you. Each part is two to four hours of fun.

CCC-BMG-01 CORE 1-1 A Scream in the Night has abberations as the monsters.
CCC-BMG-02 CORE 1-2 A Cog in the Wheel is the continuation and features a trip to Mechanus facing the Modron army.
CCC-BMG-03 CORE 1-3 A Hole in the World is the final chapter but I haven't played it so I don't know what's in it.

Part one or two can be run as one shots. Just assume that it's not their first adventure together as a party. They can be found on DMs Guild for $5 a pop.

CCC-BMG MOON 2-1 Defenders of Caer Moray has lycanthropes!


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Keep on the Borderlands has a dozen caves of chaos full of monsters; pick one that does not have goblinoids in it. (The minotaur in the maze might be Something Different. Add a gelatinous not-cube for fun and flavor.)


Check out The Fey Sisters' Fate (Goodman Games). At $7 it's a little above your price range, but it seems like it might fit your needs. It's a mostly wilderness adventure set in a temperate forest with a river. A goblin attack serves as a bit of misdirection in the background story, but the adventure itself does not have any goblins.

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