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Pathfinder 1E recruiting for a High fantasy (high magic and tech)


Hi I'm Jon

I'm looking for anywhere between 3-5 more players to join a high magic/ high tech world,
It is really high fantasy with epic style battle that with be challenging,
Be prepared for adventure as a guild members and explore the worlds and even space.
(Starting at lvl 2 but generous start up)
(It will be faster to contact me on discord at @dpsmaxer#3103 it is played on a server the as text,
If you respond here I check once a day,

Excepting new players,
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New players who are willing to learn may join,
There are three spaces still available,
We are utilizing the sphere of Might and tech equipment.

Please feel free to give the server a try or if you have any questions feel free to ask me


niw18;25194238 said:
Our Dm dpsmaxer is looking for as many as 4-10 new players,
Experienced or new,
The world is filled with magic and technology, And energy runs wild,
This includes space travel later game,
This game is high fantasy and meant for fun, we encourage you to find your joy and build your character how you want.
We are using sphere of might, Maybe be adding sphere of power soon, (these are optional to use)
Be prepared for role play, adventure, and epic battles. we will be mainly text-based or PBP

we well be in space later in the game should be prepared to build for that as well

below table of current players it includes npc healer played by the dm

Niw18HarskDuergarImpossible fighter 2anti magic range melee
ShalOX-14 (nickname: moxie)AndroidShadow rouge 2 cyborg stealthy combat fighter
Dm dpsmaxerzach?.?healing class npc healer

Critical Hits
Players auto-confirm critical hits
Npcs confirm a crital based on a d20 roll

Initiative ties:
Higher dex mod goes first.

Unjam Gun:
Full-round action

Sleeping in Armor:
Medium Armor can be slept in. Endurance extends this to Heavy Armor.

1 large gold is 100, 1 small gold is 10 silver, 10 copper is 1 silver

XP Costs:
XP costs have been removed.

Stand up from Prone:
The Stand up from Prone action also allows a character to move half their movement.

-Pathfinder races up to rp-16 is allowed
-point buy high fantasy 20 points
-no regional drawbacks minimum required 2
-starting at lvl 2
-starting 1 weapon free and 1 armor free 1 sheild free
-starting money will be 500 small good coins (currency will be for the most part standard except Platinum will be replaced with large gold and standard gold will be called small gold)
-sphere of might is allowed but requires you to take tradition drawbacks (minimum 1 Max 5)
-you'll be starting up with broken bits and pieces of memory so you will have some memory of your past life but not a clear memory

*= Starting Rank

*Red/Tin (0 to 299)
Guild Discount 5%
Other Guild Discount 2.5%
City Discount 3%
Inn Discount (Food/Drink) 5%

Blue/Copper (300 to 699)
Guild Discount 7%
Other Guild Discount 5%
City Discount 3%
Inn Discount (Food/Drink) 7%
Meal Ticket Upgrade
Guild Accommodations Upgrade

Green/Bronze (700 to 1199)
Guild Discount 9%
Other Guild Discount 6.5%
City Discount 7%
Inn Discount (Food/Drink) 12%
Blacksmith Discount 10%
Meal Ticket Upgrade
Guild Accommodations Upgrade

Yellow/Silver (1200 to 9999)
Guild Discount 12%
Other Guild Discount 8.5%
City Discount 9%
Inn Discount (Food/Drink) 15.5%
Blacksmith Discount 12.5%
Meal Ticket Upgrade

Grey/Gold (10000 to 149999)
Black/Platinum (150000 to ???)

Level Up!

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