(RECRUITING) Justice League of Eberron

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So here's the idea I have running around in my head.

Basically a drow warrior. She'll be enhanced with a "Venom"-type suit that will provide her with armor and weapons (drow scorpion chain, drow long knives, Xen'drik boomarang, "stingers") and wallcrawling, as well as bumping her up into the superhero range for strength, agility, etc. She'll be an assassin type, and might need to be "tamed" a bit before she's an actual hero. I'm looking to play with the "unwanted stranger" themes (drow), and the "outlander" Tarzan in New York/Crocodile Dundee type stuff out of place in the big world type of things.

It might take me a bit to get it down into crunch on paper. I was out sick several days these last couple weeks, so I'm behind on things. I'll try and work on it this weekend, though.

Hope that sounds good?

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