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D&D General Redoing Dragons in D&D


This is how I am redoing dragons: Dragons hatch out of eggs as generic "unformed" drakes. They go out and find a territory they like, and adapt to it.
That's pretty close to how I do dragons (or how I would do dragons, if I ever had a game get to a point where the PCs are meeting dragons). Except I would just use one of the ten zillion types of dragons I have, coz I've converted a lot over the years.

If I were redoing dragons from scratch for a revamp of D&D or for some similar type of game, I might like to stick to a more medieval style dragon--big, but not too intelligent and with a poisonous fire breath and probably not magical. Sometimes I feel like those ten zillion types of dragons, most with a different type of breath weapon, is just too much.

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