Renegade Games to reprint Vampire 5th edition core rulebook and sourcebooks


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A little while back, I commented on a news concerning Vampire 5th edition that its release was a mess. Four companies went through making products for it: White Wolf, Modiphius, Onyx Path and now Renegade Games. There's been some erratas and fixes to the content of sourcebooks, but it's unclear which printing a book is. There's also very little information online and its scattered between the aforementioned companies.

Well, I almost pulled the trigger on some copies at my local game store today, but I did the same google search I've been doing every three months for the past year and a half, and surprisingly there's a news I had missed.

Regenegade Games, which is supposed to be the company handling most of the new material for Vampire 5th edition will be reprinting the core rulebook and the sourcebooks with updated material. It's supposed to launch in July.

So that pretty much fixes my problem. I can buy it knowing it'll be the latest version available.

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