Starfinder Returning to the Stars (with Fantasy Grounds)(+)

Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
I've finally decided give virtual gaming another shot. Despite the lure of Pathfinder (2e), for which I am genuinely interested, I decided to go back with Starfinder. And I will be using Fantasy Grounds Unity to do it.

Why am I here talking about two products that rarely get discussed? Well, it's precisely for that reason that I want to bring them up. It's difficult to get others interested if no one talks about them outside of their own social spheres. And it won't help to be negative, so I'm making this a positive (+) thread. Only good stuff here, folks.

So a couple years back, I bought into Starfinder because I really wanted something outside of the pure fantasy genre but similar to DnD. This was checking a lot of the boxes for me, so I went all-in. I got the books, the adventures, the pawns, etc. I was ready to get back to gaming in-person. I even found a small group of players, and we started playing regularly for a couple of months.

Fast-forward. Real life pulled the group away. My computer crashed hard. I lost a lot of digital work, including al the digital art assets (tokens, maps, etc.) I had been building since 2020. My wife and I move to a new state.

Well, meeting new people is hard when you never want to leave the house. And it's never easy when you're in a new environment, especially with the state of the world as it is. So I decided to go back to give vtts another try, specifically Fantasy Grounds Unity. I mean, I have an Ultimate license and a bunch of content already. I should try to do more with it.

So I'm figuring things out now, both for SF and FGU. Of course, the first thing I want to do is build a better library of art assets. I'm no artist, but I know my way around image editing software. (I use Affinity Photo, btw.) Since I will be teaching new players (and myself) soon, I started with tokens for the iconic characters that are often used as pregens for beginner games. I can share those (since they fall under community use), and everyone should have nice tokens to make a good first impression.

I'll return to share some experiences, updates, and maybe more stuff as things progress. Feel free to share your own experiences with Starfinder and/or Fantasy Grounds. If you have questions or suggestions about either, let me know.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN TRYING STARFINDER ON FANATSY GROUNDS, DEFINITELY LET ME KNOW! I can only learn so much on my own. I need experience if I want to be any good at this. ;)


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