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Review La Revolution Netflix (pas de spoiler)


A suffusion of yellow
I've just finished watching La Revolution on Netflix and given the general thread about Historic RPGs and while I'm waiting for visiting hours at the hospital I thought Id do a review.

La Revolution is alt.history, and gives a supernatural horror twist to how the French Revolution really got started. That said history and political commentary isnt the point of the show. It just uses the period piece format to great effect in giving us a horror, murder, adventure story with clearly defined good guys vs evil murdery guys morality.

There are a lot of plot threads going on - the beautiful countess sympathising with the poor, the young deaf girl having strange visions, the scheming uncle who wants power, the depraved nobility who care only for their own priviledges, the orphan-turned-doctor (Joseph Guillotin) who brings science and rationality to investigating the murder of peasants and the poor, hungry revolutionary peasants themselves - it can get confusing but it is overall an easy binge watch and a bit of Alt-history lite-horror escapism

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