TSR Revised Atruaghin Clans, a free Gazetteer from the Vaults

The Glen

If you just want to get the free books skip to the bottom and bypass the exposition. Links go to Vaults of Pandius.

Couple of years ago I was trapped in my house because Harvey stayed an extra week and turned my neighborhood into an impromptu island. Took another week for the water to drain off, so I had nothing left to do but write. I've always been a major Mystara fan from all the settings, but the one dud in the line was the last nation book, the Atruaghin Clans. It was a rushed job. The padding was obvious. The font size was 14, the margin art was double that of every other book. The number of columns was reduced and the interior art was sporadic and massive. The author himself admitted they gave him an impossible timeline and there was no playtesting. The Atraughin inside the book were largely unplayable, and several classes like wizards and thieves were either missing or pointless. Hard to pick a lock in a land without doors. The write up on the tribes was brief, the concept of the nation didn't make a lick of sense. You had four clans based on the Cherokee, Chinook, Comanche, and Navajo living peacefully in a nation the size of Portugal for hundreds of years without outside contact or internal strife. It was boring. So I decided to make it fit with the other gazetteers.

Formatted the books to the standard Gazetteer layout that the majority of the other settings had. After converting the few parts of the original I kept, that left me with over 50 pages. So expanded the background of every city, added NPCs, magic items, monsters, sacred locations, greatly expanded the history and added conflict to the tribes to make them realistic. Now you have the clans worried about the old ways changing as the clans drift apart because of distance, contact, or boredom. Filled in blank parts of the map by adding a fey kingdom and an expedition from the Hollow World. Introduced foreigners to the clans, and explained how the clans reactions to the outlanders, from welcomed with open arms to outright hostility. The art was either donated or I had the rights to. Sergio Colautti did the map. Marco Ortiz Walters did the lion share of the art as well as the cover, he also helped with the Meso-American lore as he was descended from one of the Aztec's rivals. Had to turn away some of his ideas as he gave me way too much to work with considering the hard page count. But the books are now done, and they are for everybody to enjoy at the Vaults of Pandius. Hope you like them.


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The Glen

I did have a lot of help. One contributor was from a Pacific NW tribe who helped with coming up with a fantasy version of his tribe's history. He did suggest stick with the Navajo and Aztec languages because his language was similar to German in its love of huge words. Or as he put it the most important discovery in his people's culture was the abbreviation. Would like to move on the revise Ylaruam and Ierendi but it's a massive project since the art has to be donated or I have to pass the hate for commissions.

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