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Rick Loomis Has Passed

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A oft overlooked legend. He also brought us the first PBP games. The first solo adventure (Buffalo Castle). Founding member and several time president of GAMA.

I'm going to miss his FBI email updates he still sent up until recently.


Mod Squad
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Oh, man. Tunnels & Trolls was the first RPG I ever played. This guy's company was responsible for a highly significant point in my gaming history.


Posted by artist Steve Crompton- who had arranged the recent GoFundMe for Rick

Fate is a strange mistress. For today is August 24th and that is Rick's Birthday. Unfortunately today is also the sad, sad day that I have to tell you all that Rick Loomis passed away, just seven hours before his birthday of complications of his cancer.

Rick was an amazing person. He had the ability to inspire and nurture talented people to be more talented than they thought they could be. He had the ability to give his people the freedom to develop their own solutions to problems and then he would calmly guide them. He did this in every facet of his life, whether it was in gaming or management or even his church softball league. Maybe that's one of the reasons why so many people loved Rick and loved working with and for him and why he attracted so many talented people like Mike Stackpole, Larry Ditillio, Liz Danforth, Jennifer Roberson, Ken St Andre and so many others who went on to create entire worlds and realms -- Rick encouraged that in a way few do.

Rick sacrificed his life for a dream. A dream of wonderful, fun games and worlds of adventure. Games that inspired creativity and fun. Rick' s games were always in the end, about fun - not winning. Rick's dream will live on and we who he has left behind will do our part to carry that dream forward.
And we will never forget what he taught us - patience, persistence, fun and kindness. That is what Rick stood for. His loss will leave a hole in our community, our industry and our hearts - but I urge you to remember to be kind to each other, be patient with each other and don't let go of your dreams. Rick never did.

The world is lessened by your absence Rick, and you are missed...

Sad news indeed. Tunnels & Trolls is a game dear to me. Grimtooth’s Traps…there’s nothing like them. And I think the Citybooks series deserves more credit. In this day and age, we have entire sprawling books dedicated to cities, but back in the early 80s, the concept of a city as detailed as any dungeon and full of adventure was the exception (only Judges Guild springs to mind as putting out products like it).

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