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D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Post-Mortem (Spoilers)

But the problem is that we do not have an agreed 'reality' & that folks like me are too often portrayed as not having read the book properly (🤯)/ not being an experienced GM (yeah, whatever!) or simply rubbish at running games.
Thanks for replying. I guess I just really disagree with the above. I haven't seen anyone do that. In fact, most people here are in consensus with you, that the adventure has tremendous flaws. But again, thanks for taking the time to explain your perspective.

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For our group...They loved Ten Town and the surrounding area...

I tried to tie the party into the area...We had a Naive Medic, so I had her story tied to the Dark Duchess. She and the captain where the last survivors of the ship. The captain knew she wouldn't resort to cannibalism so he fooled her into thinking the meat came from the animals in Gray bag of tricks. Before the food ran out, he loaded her up with the last supplies and pointed her to Ten Towns. We had a warforged and I had him from Id Ascendant. He froze out in the waste looking for Psi Crystal. His back story was that he was found frozen by one of the other players (a Gnome Tinkerer) and was indebted to her (again part of his backstory was that he couldn't remember anything before she found him) . Which was interesting because she found the Psi Crystal in the mine and became an alcoholic from carrying it. As you see I tried to tie the party into Ten Town.
We had lots of fun and enjoyed Rime. Though we ended at Chapter 5 with the party taking out Auril 3 forms.

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