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Kickstarter Robotech Homefront RPG Kickstarter: Lore and Universe (Masters Saga)

Robotech Homefront RPG expands the lore in new ways opening up the Robotech world for you to explore and inspire you or simply learn more about the universe.

in Robotech Homefront, explore the eras of the Second Robotech War and the masters Saga:​
  • - Visit the other fronts of the Masters War including the Pacific Theater and European Theaters of the global conflict.​
  • -Explore the intervening years after the UEEF left and unravel the mystery of the Giles Crimes or learn of the mysterious wasteland wanderer known as the Mech Angel.​
  • -Re-live the original Story of the Masters and play through it from beginning to end and even beyond.​
  • -Follow the Fall of Earth and more all of which can be found in the upcoming Homefront Book.​

Stay Tuned for the Robotech Homefront RPG supplements Kickstarter on October 19 and join the Discord to find out more information.

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