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Kickstarter Robotech Homefront RPG Kickstarter: Join the United Earth Expeditionary Forces!

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Welcome to the United Earth Expeditionary Forces and the latest mission to retake Earth from the Invid menace in the lead up to the Robotech Homefront RPG Kickstarter on October 19th.

After years of fighting in the far off reaches of space, the UEEF brings to bear its specifically developed arms used in deep space exploration to the battle. Where the ASC has a tool for every Job, the UEEF have a single tool for most of the Jobs.
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For perspective pilots out there, the UEEF bring cutting edge versions of the updated Alpha Fighters. These Late Block Alphas pack powerful weapons, emergency vehicles and are designed to integrate with already oppressively powerful Beta Fighter for the ultimate combination. UEEF Flight officers can also make use of the extremely fast Conbat and the devastating Condor Veritech that serves as the heavy hitter to the Alpha's rapid attacker. If thats not enough, further outfit the Alpha Fighter to adapt to any role with upgrade packs that enhance it further. Not to be missed either are the new Shadow Fighters who take the fighters development even further.

The UEEF are not just packing aircraft and Veritechs, ground troops are needed for planetary invasion and ground combat. For this, soldiers can make use of the variety of Cyclones. Quick and maneuverable they pack a lot of firepower in a small and nimble Power Armoured Veritech frame that can turn into fast moving motorcycle that can be modified for your preference. The Cyclone may be fairly light but the enemy has to catch you first and you hit harder then you take. But for heavier combat, the UEEF brings it new 3rd Generation Destroids, fast and agile Battloids taking lessons learned from past generation. They pack a lot of firepower in a small frame which will be needed for the hordes of the Invid. These new age Destroids are backed up by more conventional vehicles such as ATT-30 Trucks, Archon IFV's and the terrifying Tiger Artillery Mech.

For the Naval Officers in the crowd, a solid fleet stands ready to support operations. From the sturdy Horizon-T Dropship and its meaner variant, the Special Operations Horizon-T, all the way up to the modular Garfish, Tokugawas, Ikazuchi's and even the behemoth that is the SDF-4 Liberator are at your disposal.

Join up now and get ready to enlist the UEEF. Whether it be scouring the galaxy for the Master's Homeworld, combating the Invid at home or elsewhere or relieving the beleaguered defenders of the ASC from the machinations of the Masters. Join us on October 19th when the Kickstarter for Homefront goes live.

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