Press SMG-Con RPG, Board Games and Panels Event online on Feb 25-27

SMG-Con is coming soon.
from February 25th to 27th we will be running constant games and events online in our Discord free for everyone to play and participate.
Jump into our discord and check out the event:
Events include tabletop Board Game Tournaments, Panels and various RPG games.
There are various RPG's being run including Super Age, Charm and Robotech.
The full schedule can be seen here:
There are still games with slots open and everyone no matter the level of experience is welcome to join in.


Robotech: The Phantom Fog:
"2042: date unknown.
In Russia, a growing resistance seeks to overthrow the Invid overlords who have occupied the glorious motherland. Following mass disappearances from many local populations, a small group of Freedom Fighters working for the Paladins faction of the Russian Resistance league are sent to track down the whereabouts of these thousands of missing persons. Following a trail of clues, they arrive at the outskirts of the old Russian commissariat facility deep in the Siberian hinterlands.
As your small truck approaches the area, working through the dark and winding forested roads of the areas, the howls of something can be heard in the distance. A thick fog quickly rolls in, obscuring vision of the road ahead. Eventually, the distance shape of the facility lies ahead through the shadowed mist but the road is blocked by fallen trees. What mysterious await in the fog? What has become of the commissariat? and where are the people the Invid have taken?"
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Robotech: Big Trouble in Little Peryton.
"December 2033, Peryton, Latumb:
The Invid have been defeated by the Sentinels on Peryton, but all is not well. The threat of sectarian violence still plagues the planet. House Kubrylt was the ruling house over La Tumb and the world before the end of the Invid occupation. Though collaborating with the Invid, they made a last minute change of sides with aid from the Sentinels and Burak’s sacrifice. However during the long years of occupation many rebel forces banded together to resist the Invid and House Kubrylt. Many of the resistance cells and movements are now banded together under a single flag that threatens bloody civil war on the planet.
The Legion of Liberty is led by a warlord, Akan of House Zaiex. He uses a Zentraedi destroyer that has been recovered and adapted by the Legion as a base of operations in the seas, and recently got it to fly. It looms near La Tumb with the brunt of his forces. His forces are composed of many freedom fighters equipped with not just traditional Pertyon mecha, but many Bioroids, scavagned battle pods, and human mecha given by the UEEF during the war to help fight the Invid.
Negotiations between the most powerful houses are set to begin in La Tumb to create a new order and world government. With Earth seized by the Invid, the Regent's forces still a threat to free worlds, and a massive overhaul of UEEF forces, there is little conventional forces can do to aid anymore. The complicated political situation makes the UEEF and Sentinels reluctant to get involved and pick sides. This leads to private contractors and mercenaries from off world to fill the gaps in security for the houses and during the critical negotiations. Platinum Pollinators are deployed to La Tumb to protect the interests of House Kubrylt as well as all the diplomats involved in the intense negotiations. Tensions and conspiracy abound as the Platinum Pollinators must find a way to stop all out Civil War from breaking out on the devastated war weary planet."
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Robotech Kodiak:
Not long after the Rain of Death, the frantic survivors of the human race struggle to rebuild. as the UEDF attempt to control the panic, rogue Zentraedi stalk the landscape. Many thousands of vessels and their crews having crashed down onto Earth in its aftermath. Controlling and subduing these elements is a task for the over stretched and over burdened survivors of the UEDF armed forces and you as part of the Destroid platoon 'Kodiak' Squadron have been hastily assembled from among the survivors available. dispatched to islands of Indonesia, your platoons mission is to restore order and assist in the subjugation of the local Zentraedi, local warlords and others who have attempted to capitalize on the death and destruction of the earth. However, isolated far from any command, the Kodiaks will have to contend with many threats of the tropics in a world desperate for survival. The scars of the brutal bombardment still fresh in the minds of many, who is the enemy? who can be trusted? Who are the real Monsters?"
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Robotech Hannibal Chapter 1.
"This game is a run through of the first chapter of the Hannibal Adventure module that was available in the Homefront Kickstarter. With some pre-made characters, players will experience as much of the first Chapter of the action packed and cinematic Hannibal module as time allows, kicking off the story involving the Hannibal Commandos and the Robotech masters in the final days of the second Robotech War."
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Robotech Dogs of War:
"The Country of Turkhazakistan was once a peaceful nation But after the Rise of the ASC , the royal family split, two brothers across different lines of ideals, both with the ideas of making their country better for all but no peace could come of it. The Brother Harabec Looking to join forces with the ASC and use their untouched supplies after the rain of death to gain favor within the political sphere. His Brother Caanon saw the ASC as outsiders who could not be trusted, seeing them as a multi headed snake waiting to strike. Their difference in ideals, both founded in wanting to improve their nation in the trying times, lead to the brothers taking up arms against each other.
With the people split, Caanon and his forces have had to hire Mercenary pilots to stem the tide of his brother and his ASC reinforcements but not all of them are here willingly, some tricked, some forced by blackmail, or desperate enough to breath in one last time that smell of gunpowder.
Whatever the reasons now assembled at one of the last bases available for use by this mercenary squadron simply know as The Dogs of War."
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Board game events include:
  • Games of Robotech Reconstruction.
  • Iconoclash Tournament.
  • Valiant Wars Tournament.
check out each of these on our discord and sign up here:
Sign ups close on the 20th for Tournaments however.


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