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Kickstarter Robtech Homefront Kickstarter: Join the Army of the Southern Cross Today!

Attention All Members of the Glorious Army of the Southern Cross. As of Robotech Homefront opening on Kickstarter October 19, the UEG calls upon you to enlist.
Take to the post war ravaged Earth, bringing order to the fractured surviving nations (some of whom may have abandoned the dream of a United Earth Government), quelling the Zentraedi riots and Uprisings and defending the planet as the last line of defence against the overwhelming superiority of the Robotech Masters and onslaught of the Invid.
Logo ASC Logo.png

enlist in one of the many different Divisions of the ASC, using cutting edge technology. Fast Nimble Sylphids and Logans may look fragile, but these agile flyers have teeth. If you need to bring the airborne pain, the powerful AGAC packs a punch and the Thunderstrike tears hordes of targets apart.

As a ground pounder, make use of the terrific and adaptable new age of personal weapons and armour. Use impressive Power Armour to evade natural hazards and withstand weapons designed for bigger fish. The ASC fields a vast arsenal of powerful Ground Vehicles and Robotechnolgy powered Tanks like the Highlander, able to pound enemies into the dust, while cheap and disposable Battloid Mecha give you versatility. While they may not look that tough, their agility and utility over their Destroid Brothers will serve well in the hands of a skilled pilot. For those who want the best of both worlds, the Spartas and Myrmidon Hover Tanks are ready to carry you to battle no matter the foe.

For the Career Officer, vast fleets of aircraft and Naval vessels stand ready to be commanded. Their Impressive firepower and adaptability present in all from the humble Pegasus Assault Shuttle to the bruising battler that is the Binary Battle Cruiser and the Tristar Command Carrier that stands to lead the United Earth Defence forces across the Sol system.
find out more about the ASC and what they have to offer to your games in our discord and be sure to check out the Kickstarter, going live on October 19th.

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