Release SMG-Con online coming Feb 25th-27th


Hello Everyone. Our SMG-Con is coming up and we are excited to announce our schedule and open sign-ups for everyone. SMG-Con will run the entire weekend of February the 25th-27th online in our discord with panels and games.

Both Board game Tournaments for Iconoclash and Valiant Wars as well RPG One-Shots in 4 hour and 6 hour formats everyday. open invitation to anyone who wants to play.
sign up and compete for the prizes on offer and prove who the strongest is.
Signup here:

there are RPG sessions for Robotech, Super-Age, Charm and more. while more events will be announced closer to the date. you reserve your spot in some of them already. All Skill levels and experience welcome.

Games already scheduled include:
Robotech: Big Trouble in Little Peryton.
Serve as part of the PMC Platinum Pollinators trying to help keep order on the volatile world of Peryton as it teeters on the edge of civil war and revolution in the wake of its liberation from the ruthless Invid. What conspiracies await?

Robotech: Phantom Fog.
journey into the depths of Siberia to discover the truth of missing civilians abducted by the Invid in the midst of the aliens brutal occupation of earth. Your team of Russian resistance fighters will face the true horror of the enemy as the mystery of the alien invaders is slowly unraveled.

Robotech: Kodiak.
Journey into Borneo as part of a heavy Destroid Mecha team and face the remains of the Zentraedi forces that leveled the planet during the first Robotech war and restore order to the region in the wake of utter devastation. but watch the shadows and mind the voices of the jungle...

Robotech: Hannibal.
Join the elite Army of the Southern Cross Commando team at the end of the Second Robotech War on a dangerous mission into the battlezone that has become Neo-Tokyo. Play the first chapter of this soon to be released adventure module.

Super Age: Magi Magi Girls Plus.
Gather up Magical Boys and Girls. Hush Fluffuls has escaped his prison on the moon and resurrected his army of cuddly and murderous Fluffarians. Only with the power of Love, Friendship and Copious amounts of violence can the world be saved.

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